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We ate here once before when it was called Koba Sushi.  Now, it’s called Faceless Samurai, but it looks exactly the same inside.   It’s not a very big restaurant and we were there way longer than it should have taken to get four rolls.  The first thing we noticed were the children, of I’m guessing someone who works there, playing loudly at the table next to us.  Not exactly the way we wanted to spend our quiet night out.

We ordered four rolls which came out one at a time with way too much time between them.  The problem is that we order rolls specifically for ourselves and there are some I don’t eat and some that Loren doesn’t really like, so the way the sushi came out, one of us inevitably was waiting to eat while the other one was eating.  We also don’t like having to eat one entire roll at a time, we much prefer to mix and match pieces throughout the meal.





The sushi was just ok.  Nothing out of the ordinary, good or bad.  We got a Mexican roll, a California Roll, a Spicy Tuna, and a Rainbow Roll.  We also ordered some salmon, but we never got it.  Loren also ordered a drink and had to ask again for the waitress to actually bring it out.  She seemed friendly, but was completely scattered and not paying attention to anything that was going on.  Total bill was $50 and there’s no reason for us to go back.

Faceless Samurai
3428 Tampa Rd
Palm Harbor, FL
(727) 772-5622

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  • Blue Sake recently opened up in Dunedin, so we headed over there for dinner to try out their sushi.  The restaurant looks nice and was well lit.  I’m not a fan of mood lighting where it’s so dark that you can barely see your food.

    We started off with the Golden Silk Shrimp and a cucumber salad.




    Loren liked the shrimp more than I did.  They’re wrapped in egg noodles and fried.  They had a nice crunch, but the shrimp was overcooked.  For our sushi, we got a tuna avocado roll, a salmon avocado roll, a Mexican roll and a Bonsai roll.



    Plus this cute as can be dragon roll.



    They definitely get points for creativity.  The little wasabi dragon head was just too cute.  Overall, the sushi was really fresh and tasty.  They had a large selection of rolls to choose from and their prices are in line with the other sushi restaurants in the area.  The funniest thing about the experience was when the waiter came to clear the plates, he said it was time to slay the dragon and then he squished it with another plate.  It made me chuckle.  Total bill with a drink was $61.

    Blue Sake
    1425 Main St, Ste I
    Dunedin, FL

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  • We went for a late lunch at Hot Tuna in Oldsmar today.  It was about 20 minutes before they closed for lunch and the first thing the waitress said to us was that it was last call for food. There was just something about the way she said it that really made us feel uncomfortable about coming in and ordering.  The rest of the meal was fine, but that initial greeting kind of rubbed us the wrong way.

    We ordered the lunch 2 rolls & salad for $9.99 as well as an additional Rainbow Roll.





    Loren got the Gator and Tampa roll and I got a California and Mexican roll.  The Rainbow roll here has a crawfish salad inside that’s a bit on the spicy side for me.  I do like the colorful tobiko on top of it though.  The other rolls were fresh & tasty.  Total bill with a drink was $34.

    Hot Tuna Sushi Bar & Grille
    3689 Tampa Road #302B
    Oldsmar, FL

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  • Yummy Sushi

    We thought we were going out for Thai food, but about halfway through the menu, we decided to order sushi instead.  What can I say, we love sushi.  We started off with some steamed dumplings and a salad.




    I liked the dressing on the salad here.  It didn’t have that overwhelming ginger/sesame oil flavor that I don’t care for.  The steamed dumplings were tasty.  They had both pork and shrimp in them along with water chestnuts and mushrooms.  For the sushi, we ordered a Mexican roll, a Rainbow roll, a Tiger Eye roll and a Boston roll, plus some salmon.




    All of the sushi was fresh and tasty.  There was a bit too much wasabi on the salmon that cleared my sinuses right up.  Loren liked the Boston roll.  It had spicy tuna, shrimp, avocado, cucumber and kimchee sauce.  The kimchee sauce is what brought the spiciness up to the next level.  The Tiger Eye roll was interesting.  It had salmon, squid, krab, and avocado, deep fried and covered in eel sauce.  I liked it.  Normally, Loren’s not a fan of eel sauce, but he thought it was good too.  Total bill with a drink was $53.

    Thai Bay
    1300 East Bay Dr, Ste O-P
    Largo, FL

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  • We really do know better than to visit a new restaurant during its opening week, but we decided to try Pisces Sushi Global Bistro tonight anyway.  Let’s just say they were still working out the kinks.  We were seated by one of the owners and she started to explain the drink menu to us, but since we’re not drinkers we just asked for water and an iced tea.  She said she’d check to see if they had any tea.  Then a waiter came by and repeated the same process.  Let’s just say, it was a long evening.

    The owner said instead of bread, they serve rice balls.



    It’s lightly fried sushi rice and they were pretty good.  A little crunch on the outside and dense rice in the middle.  This is where the waiting began.  A large group came in and I think that really overwhelmed them.  The noise level also got rather loud.  The owner came by and apologized for the wait saying that the chef was a perfectionist and didn’t like the first attempt at Loren’s dish, so they had to remake it.  Eventually, our waiter came back to the table and asked if it would be ok if Loren’s dish came out before the sushi I ordered.



    The Jamaican Me Crazy was a spicy pork dish that unfortunately came to the table cold.  The rice was a little warmer and the veggies seemed to be right off the grill.  Loren liked the flavor of the dish, but would have liked it better had it all been the right temperature.  My Kanisu roll came out next.



    I thought the cucumber was sliced a bit thick and the roll was very loose, but it had a good flavor to it.  Eventually, the Mexican roll and Royal California roll came out.



    The Mexican roll was cold.  It had to have been sitting there for quite a while.  When the waiter came back to the table, I told him about the temperature of Loren’s dish and the Mexican roll and they offered to make another one.  The second Mexican roll came out really fast and was pretty good.  As for the Royal California roll, neither of us was very fond of it.  I didn’t like the texture of the snow crab and we both thought it had a less than fresh taste to it.  At this point we were just ready for the check, then the owner came by and said she had something for us.  The waiter than brought out a free dessert.



    Although it was a nice gesture, neither of us is a fan of tiramisu.  They also took the Mexican roll off the bill.  Total bill with a drink ended up being $36.  They were very apologetic about the whole experience, but there really wasn’t anything about it that makes us think we’ll be back.  Hopefully, they’ll get all the kinks worked out quickly.

    Pisces Sushi Global Bistro
    2340 State Road 580
    Clearwater, FL

    Pisces Sushi and Global Bistro on Urbanspoon

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