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We ate lunch at Nana’s Restaurant in Tarpon Springs today and it was one of the best lunches we’ve had in a while.  They serve breakfast & lunch throughout the week & dinner on Friday nights.  We decided to split a burger, plus some soup & salad.

First up, the Louisiana Butter Shrimp soup.

There are people who know how to make soup and the folks here at Nana’s definitely do.  This was really flavorful and creamy with lots of shrimp and homemade goodness.  Next up was the salad & burger.

It’s a good thing we decided to share the burger.  It was way more than I was going to be able to eat.  We got the mushroom burger, but I opted for American cheese instead of Swiss.  It was cooked a perfect medium and was juicy and flavorful.  The home fries were delicious.  Again, perfectly cooked and seasoned.  I really enjoyed the dipping sauce that came with them too.  It was sort of a honey mustard BBQ sauce.  Very, very tasty.  And here’s the best part, the whole thing with a drink was only $17.   This is definitely a restaurant we’ll be back to often.

Nana’s Restaurant
857 E Klosterman Rd
Tarpon Springs, FL

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Panos Kouzina has changed owners and they’ve renamed it Bella Kouzina.  It looks the same inside and the menus haven’t been changed yet, but there was definitely a difference in the food.

We both decided on the clam chowder to go with our entrees.

The chowder was pretty good.  Not quite as creamy as other places, but it had a good flavor to it.  The bread was tasty.  I seem to remember it being a lot more garlicy here before though.  For his entree, Loren got the Pork Medallions.

He said the pork were very tender and tasty.  The dish was served with rice, but he sort of wished it was served with a vegetable as well to round out the meal.  I ordered the chicken marsala with a side of fettucine alfredo.

My plate was very plain looking.  The marsala sauce was very thin and looked like chicken stock, though it absolutely tasted like marsala.  It had a nice sweet flavor, though I’d just never seem a marsala dish that looked that color before.  (Here’s a photo of the last time I ordered it)  The chicken was ok, though, very plain.  It didn’t even have any sort of breading on it whatsoever.   They also hit on a pet peeve of mine by not giving us steak knives to cut our food.  I’m sorry, but butter knives just don’t cut it, literally.

Surprisingly, Loren liked the taste of the fettucine alfredo more than I did.  There was just something off about it.  I don’t know if it was the type of cheese in it or if they added some additional herbs.  All I know is that it just didn’t do it for me.

Unfortunately, our waitress ignored our table quite a bit.  We were done eating long before she ever stopped by again.  And once she brought us boxes for our leftovers, she disappeared again.  The owner ended up clearing the dishes off our table.  We didn’t even get asked if we wanted dessert.  Total bill was $30 with a drink.

Bella Kouzina
3101 SR 580
Safety Harbor, FL
(727) 797–2667

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We spent the morning at Lowry Park Zoo and stopped at La Pequena Colombia in Tampa for lunch.  The restaurant was packed, but luckily we were able to get a table.  We started off with some empanadas.

These were some tasty little bundles of goodness.  We had to hold ourselves back from ordering a few more.  The filling had a really nice flavor.  Loren decided on the beef soup for lunch which came with a side of rice and beans.

He really liked the soup.  It had a lot of flavors going on including a strong cilantro taste.  The beef was tender and it had a lot of different veggies in it.  The beans had a lot of flavor as well.  I went for a country platter which had ground beef, pork skin, rice, beans, plantains, corn cake, an egg plus a salad.

There was a lot going on on this plate.  I didn’t like the ground beef that much as it had a strong cilantro flavor, but everything else on the plate was really good.  The pork skin had a very familiar flavor and was really addictive.  I think we narrowed it down to a flavor similar to the fried chicken at Publix.  I don’t know how to explain it, just that it was pretty darn good. The plantains were also very tender and sweet.  Half of this dish came home with us.  Way too much food for me.

I also couldn’t pass up getting something from the bakery.

Except for the fact the the pre-sliced edges were a little dry, the rest of the cake & strawberry filling was good.  There were several items in the dessert case that I would have loved to take home with me, but there’s always next time.  Service was ok.  Our waiter seemed to have a hard time understanding me and we had to wait a while before he finally returned to our table with the $25 check.  Overall, though, definitely a place we’d eat at again.

La Pequena Colombia
6312 N Armenia Ave
Tampa, FL

La Pequena Colombia on Urbanspoon

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  • We drove into Crystal Beach tonight thinking we’d watch the last sunset of the year only to have a fog bank as thick as pea soup roll in.  Instead, we ended up at Thai Nana for dinner.

    The last time we were here, we ordered a combo appetizer and I really enjoyed the Mee Krob.  Since Loren just wanted some soup, he got that for an appetizer & I got the Mee Krob.

    I just love the tamarind sauce on this dish.  The noodles are crunchy and the sauce is sweet.  It’s just addictive.  The shrimp on top were good, but the chicken was really tough.

    For our entrees, Loren went for the garlic beef & I got chicken with broccoli & carrots.

    Both dishes were ok.  I thought mine was a bit on the bland side but the chicken & veggies were cooked well.  Total bill with a drink was $30.

    Thai Nana
    1462 Alt 19
    Palm Harbor, FL
    (727) 787-0189

    Thai Nana on Urbanspoon

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  • Christmas Eve

    We headed over to Big Bok Choy for some dinner tonight.  They were pretty busy, but the food was as tasty as ever.  We both started with the wonton soup and reverted back to our old favorites.

    Loren got the hunan chicken and I got the honey garlic chicken.

    Lots of flavor and perfectly cooked.  Definitely our favorite Chinese restaurant in town.  The chicken was very tender and Loren’s had lots of veggies and just enough heat to make it interesting.   The honey chicken here isn’t overly sweet, but has a nice tang to it.  Yummy stuff.   Total bill with a drink was $35.

    Big Bok Choy Bistro
    3730 Tampa Road #6
    Oldsmar, FL

    Big Bok Choy Bistro on Urbanspoon


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