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Loren was craving Chinese food tonight, so off to Big Bok Choy we went.  The table we were sitting at was kinda dark, so my photos are a bit on the blurry side.  But that didn’t change the tastiness of the food.  I’m still on my fried dumpling kick, so we had to get some for an appetizer.


Yum, yum, yum.  The filling was very flavorful and there were actually more than we could eat if we wanted to be able to finish our entrees.  The leftovers made for a great snack the next day.  We didn’t stray from our normal dinner order, there are just some things that are so good, it’s hard to pass up when we come back here.  First some wonton soup, then the hunan chicken for Loren and the honey garlic chicken for me.





The hot peppers in Loren’s dish were bigger than usual, which was probably a good thing so he could pick them out of the dish.  Even pulling them out, he was still sniffling a little from the heat.  But, he loves how they enhance the flavor of the dish.  My chicken was tender and the sauce is sweet, but not overly so.  It has a tanginess that keeps me coming back for more.  Total bill with a drink was $45.

Big Bok Choy Bistro
3730 Tampa Road #6
Oldsmar, FL

Big Bok Choy Bistro on Urbanspoon

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  • Friday Spice

    We decided on Indian food for dinner tonight and headed over to Desi Tadka in Oldsmar.  Loren got some Mulligatawny soup and we split an order of keema samosas.





    The soup had a nice flavor and wasn’t overly spicy.  You could really taste the lentils in it.  The samosa had a nice crunch and the filling was flavorful.  We didn’t stray far from our comfort zone for our entrees.  I get what I always get, the butter chicken and Loren got the Chicken do Pyaza.



    And the meal wouldn’t be complete without some garlic naan.  My dish was spiced perfectly, meaning very mild.  Loren’s was a bit spicier than he had anticipated.  The different Indian restaurants we go to are very different in their interpretation of medium spicy.  We both had some leftovers tonight.  It’s such a hard balance deciding whether or not to finish what’s in front of you because it’s so tasty or extend the tastiness and bring some home.  The only issue we had was that the service was really slow.  Total bill with a drink was $45.

    Desi Tadka Indian Cuisine
    3780 Tampa Road
    Oldsmar, FL

    Desi Tadka Indian Cuisine on Urbanspoon

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  • We’d already eaten at two new places for us this weekend, so I decided to try for a third.  We ate dinner at La Bella Eva over in Clearwater.  It’s a small Italian pizza place in strip mall on Belcher.  It was nice and toasty inside which was perfect on this rather chilly evening.  We decided to try the potato soup.



    My first bite was very flavorful, but cold.  We had to send it back to the kitchen to get heated up.  After that, though, things went much better.  The soup was really good.  Thick & rich with a wonderful flavor.  Loren kept trying to slide it closer to his side of the table.  The bread was crusty on the outside and soft on the inside.  You know it’s good when Loren reaches for more before I get a chance to.  We also got some calamari.


    The calamari was a little chewy and needed some salt, but otherwise pretty good.  You can get a medium or spicy sauce to go with it and we chose the medium.  It wasn’t really spicy, but definitely had some red pepper in it.  At this point, we both realized we had already ordered too much food, and then the entrees came.  Loren got the linguine with meatballs.


    He liked it.  It was a rich sauce.  I though it tasted like there was wine in it that hadn’t been fully cooked off.  I got the eggplant rollatini.


    It was like lava when it came to the table.  The eggplant was cooked very well.  It still had some texture to it and the cheese and sauce were tasty.  Too many places overcook the eggplant to mush, but this was a really good dish.  We both had leftovers and decided to split a Manhattan truffle for dessert.




    Vanilla and chocolate ice cream covering a cherry & almond center and completely enrobed in dark chocolate.  It was delicious.  They had several different varieties of these truffles and I think we may have to go back just to try some of the other ones.  Total bill with a drink was $38.

    La Bella Eva
    1469 S. Belcher Rd
    Clearwater, FL

    La Bella Eva on Urbanspoon


    Always on the lookout for new places to eat, we ended up at Southern Fresh in downtown Safety Harbor for dinner tonight.  They’re in the building across from the post office that used to house Brady’s BBQ, then Lulu’s.  It’s a small space inside, but way too cold to eat outside tonight, though their patio area is very nice with a fire pit out front.  The menu isn’t very big, though everything we tried was pretty tasty.



    Loren started out with the BLT soup.



    His first reaction was that it was a soup that tasted like a sandwich.  He was really surprised and pleased with the taste.  The combination of tomato, bacon, shallots, and romaine was completely reminiscent of a BLT sandwich.  He’d definitely order it again.   Everything is made fresh here, so there was a bit of a wait for our entrees.  Loren got the salmon salad.



    The salmon was cooked well and he liked the capers in the salad which added a unique little salty twist to the dish.  He said it all mixed well with the candied lemon zest on top.  I went for the fried chicken, mashed potatoes and roasted veggies.



    The chicken was perfectly cooked.  Nice & crispy on the outside and moist and delicious inside.  My only criticism is that it could have used more seasoning.  I found it to be just a little on the bland side.  The mashed potatoes were peppery and could have really used some gravy.  The veggies were a mix of carrots, brussel sprouts, onions, and zucchini.  They had two desserts available tonight, so we got one of each.




    The strawberry shortcake was on a sponge cake and had a fresh, not-too-sweet strawberry sauce on it.  Loren scarfed the entire thing.  I happily enjoyed my banana pudding.  Overall, it was a very enjoyable meal.  Total bill with a drink was $43.

    Southern Fresh
    122 3rd Ave N
    Safety Harbor, FL

    Southern Fresh on Urbanspoon



    Pacific Thai in Oldsmar has become one of our go-to places for a quiet, delicious meal.  The food here is always fresh and quick and we both always leave with happy taste buds.  I’m still on my dumpling kick, so we had to start off with some of them as well as some soup.






    The dumplings are flavorful and just yummy.  It was a chilly night tonight, so I went for some won ton soup and Loren got the chicken & rice soup.  I did find the soup in need of salt, but otherwise it warmed me up very nicely.  Loren decided on the nam sod tonight.



    It’s a salad with pork, veggies, and nuts and he really likes it.  I decided to try the broccoli with oyster sauce with chicken.



    The veggies were cooked perfectly and the sauce had a nice flavor to it.  It came with broccoli, carrots and mushrooms and Loren kept stealing mushrooms off my plate.  I even had some leftovers.  Total bill with a drink was $37.

    Pacific Thai Cuisine 
    4058 Tampa Road
    Oldsmar, FL

    Pacific Thai Cuisine on Urbanspoon

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