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Tasty Seafood

We had lunch at the Lucky Lobster Co in Dunedin today.  It was a bit too warm to sit out on the patio so we chose a seat inside and ordered some lobster bisque and prosciutto wrapped scallops to start off.

The lobster bisque had an interesting taste to it.  It reminded me of tomato soup, but not quite.  It had some bits of lobster in it and you could taste some sort of wine or sherry.  It was a bit on the thin side and probably could have used some cream to thicken it up, but it was still tasty.   The scallops were melt in your mouth delicious.  They were perfectly cooked and seasoned and we both wanted more.

For his entree, Loren got the crab cakes with mashed potatoes and a side salad.

The dressing on the salad was a balsamic with bacon and he couldn’t get enough of it.  He really liked the crab cakes.  Not a lot of filler, lots of crab and lots of spices.  In fact, way too many spices for me.  I took one bite and my mouth was on fire.  I saw fried clams on the menu and when the waiter said they were whole bellied clams, I had to order them.

They reminded me of New England, crunchy and tasty, but not enough of them on the plate.  I definitely wanted more.  The fries and cole slaw were good too.  We finished off the meal with the chocolate lava cake.

It was rich and thick and chocolaty with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.  Overall, a really delicious meal, but on the expensive side.  Total bill with a drink was $71.

Lucky Lobster Co
941 Huntley Ave
Dunedin, FL

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  • We decided eating outside of downtown Bar Harbor was the way to go, so we stopped at the Chart Room Restaurant for dinner.  Tasty rolls were brought to the table and I couldn’t pass up trying their lobster stew.


    Lobster Stew

    They did a great job with the stew.  Big chunks of lobster meat in a creamy flavorful broth.  Loren went for the mixed grill which had tuna, scallops and swordfish.

    Mixed Grill

    He said all of the seafood was cooked well and there was plenty of it on the plate.  I decided it was time to break into a whole lobster.



    I grew up in New England, so I know the ins & outs of getting all of the goodness out of a lobster.  This one was perfectly cooked and quite tasty.  The baked potato was fine, but the peas & carrots should have been left off the plate.  They added no benefit whatsoever.  Then there was dessert.

    Chocolate Raspberry Cake

    I think this may have been the tastiest chocolate raspberry cake I’ve ever had.  The cake was moist and chocolatety and the raspberry sauce added a nice zing to the cake.  Yum!  Total bill with a drink was $69.

    Chart Room Restaurant
    565 Eden St
    Bar Harbor, ME

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  • Lemon Wedge?

    We went over to Rosie’s Clam Shack for dinner tonight.  There was only one other table of customers in there and the service was really lacking.  There was no one to greet us when we came in.  Luckily the waitress came out to bring something to the other table and saw us.  The whole experience was a little odd.  The other people there commented on it more than we did, but the waitress just seemed unhappy to be there.   One of the things that really stuck out to me though, was that with every drink or plate that we ordered she specifically asked if we wanted a lemon wedge with it.  I don’t know if they were just trying to save money or didn’t have a lot of lemons in the back, but after the first few times she asked, it just seemed weird.

    We started off with the fried calamari.



    It had a good crunch, but it was a bit on the chewy side.  The tomato sauce served with it had a good flavor.  You could tell it had actually been simmered for a while.  For his entree, Loren got the bacon wrapped scallops with fries & pasta salad.



    He said the scallops were cooked perfectly and the bacon added a nice flavor.  But then again, doesn’t bacon do that to everything it’s added to??  He didn’t really want the huge plate of fries or the pasta salad for that matter, but the choice of sides is limited to fries, pasta salad, cole slaw or parsley potatoes.  I think he would have liked a green vegetable of some sort.  I ordered the Ipswitch clams with cole slaw and parsley potatoes.



    The clams are the reason I come here.  Perfectly crunchy and plenty of them on the plate. We enjoyed the apple blossom dessert the last time we were here, so had to get it again.



    Last time, the waitress added whipped cream to the plate, but not so this time.  This is a tasty little dessert though.  Very simple apple filling in a baked crust.  Total bill with a drink was $54.

    Rosie’s Clam Shack
    6657 49th St
    Pinellas Park, FL

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    I attended a luncheon at Oystercatchers with a group of about 20 people.  The restaurant is very pretty, overlooking the bay, but the service was lacking and although the food was good, it seemed very overpriced for the quantity of food on each plate.

    We started off with some calamari fries & crabcakes, though I forgot to take a photo.  Both were very tasty.  The calamari wasn’t cut in rings, but rather long, thick pieces.  It was tender and the breading was good.  The crab cakes had lots of crab in them.

    For my entrée, I ordered the sautéed scallops and side salad.

    I guess I was just a little surprised that there were only 3 scallops in the dish.  They were tender and sautéed nicely in garlic and butter; but for the price, the serving size seemed rather small.  They actually serve a single fried oyster with the dish, and I’d have been happy with a plate of those, though I didn’t see them on the menu.  I also ordered the Godiva Chocolate mousse for dessert.

    When I think of mousse, I imagine a very light, fluffy chocolaty dish.  This was more like a piece of fudge.  It was thick and rich and yummy, but not exactly what I was expecting.

    As for the service, I think a lot of us were unimpressed.  The wait staff for our table seemed very abrupt and unfriendly, even rude at times.  When our entrees came out, they placed the wrong plates in front of several people and one lady had to send hers back because her salmon was undercooked.  I believe every entree was $20+ each, so for those prices you expect better service.  Several people told me they’ve enjoyed the Sunday brunch here, but many of them said they wouldn’t come back for lunch.

    2900 Bayport Dr
    Tampa, FL

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  • Cafe Vettro

    I’m in Las Vegas for a few days, staying at the Aria hotel.  The whole 3 hour time difference is totally throwing off my dining schedule.  By the time I got checked in, it was 9:00pm Florida time, so I just went down to Cafe Vettro which is in the hotel.

    I ordered the scallop pasta.

    It was pretty good, but the bacon in it was overpowering and also very fatty.  It pretty much overwhelmed the whole dish.  The scallops were tender and the pasta cooked just right, but I don’t think it was worth $24 though.  At least the rolls were tasty.  The waiter was ok until the end of the meal when he just disappeared.  I waited way too long to get my check.

    Cafe Vettro
    3730 Las Vegas Blvd
    Las Vegas, NV
    (877) 230-2742

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