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Yummy Food

We walked around Lowry Park Zoo this morning and ended up La Pequena Columbia for lunch.  We really love the food at this restaurant.  Loren ordered the Bandeja Montaner.




This dish had a little bit of everything in it, but his favorite was the sausage.  He just loved the flavor of it.  Along with that, there was steak, plantains, rice, beans, a corn cake, pork skin and salad.  Needless to say, he had leftovers.  I tried the chicken with mushroom sauce.



It also came with rice & beans.  The chicken could have been more tender and the extra egg I ordered was overcooked, but my favorite thing about this place is the beans & rice.  So yummy.  I even ordered more beans to take home with us.  Service was a bit lacking during our visit.  Total bill with a drink was $40.

La Pequena Colombia
6312 N Armenia Ave
Tampa, FL

La Pequena Colombia on Urbanspoon

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  • Big Portions

    We ate lunch at Cricketers in Dunedin today.  Loren wanted a bacon cheeseburger and I went for the banger sandwich with some onion rings.

    He really enjoyed the burger, though it was huge.  I ended up eating half of my my banger sandwich.  It was big too.  I really enjoyed the flavor of the sausage and the onions, but there was way more cheese on it than I needed.  The onion rings were crispy and yummy.  And even though we were both pretty full, I wanted to try the bread pudding.

    I’m so used to the bread pudding at the Cajun Cafe, that I was surprised when this came out since it looked completely different.  It was really tasty though.  Lots of cinnamon and a nice creamy sort of texture.  I’d order it again.  What’s funny is Loren said he’d only eat a bite of it since he was full, but he ate just as much as I did.  Total bill with a drink was $28.

    2634 Bayshore, Blvd
    Dunedin, FL

    Mike & Lisa's Cricketers Pub on Urbanspoon


    Nice Flavors

    We decided to try the Lager Haus Brewery & Grill in Palm Harbor for dinner tonight.  We like German food and the best we’ve found is up in Holiday, so it’d be nice to have a place closer.  Loren decided to try the brats and I went for the Jagerschnitzel.  Both dinners came with a salad.

    Those were some strong onions that had to be removed very quickly.  The Brat sampler came with two different kinds of brats.  Loren said they were pretty good.  One of them was a spicy chicken flavor.

    The Jagerschnitzel was enough to feed two people.

    The chicken was very tender, but it wasn’t evenly flattened, so there were parts of it that weren’t quite as tender as the rest.  The breading didn’t adhere too well to the chicken, but it had a really nice flavor and the mushroom sauce was very good.   It also came with a side so I got the cheese spaetzl.

    It was good, but a bit oily.  I think next time I’ll get it without the cheese.  I also ordered a piece of brownie cheesecake to go.

    It was ok, but completely frozen when we got it.  I probably wouldn’t order it again.  Overall, the food & service were pretty good.  I didn’t feel the food was as good as The German Restaurant in Holiday, but it would satisfy my cravings.   Total bill with a drink was $42.

    Lagerhaus Brewery & Grill
    3438 East Lake Road
    Palm Harbor, FL

    Lagerhaus Brewery & Grill on Urbanspoon


    A new Polish buffet just opened up on Gulf to Bay.  LucHouse is located at the opposite end of the strip mall with the Greyhound station, across from Hooters.  The outside appearance makes it a little difficult to find.  They’ve also got solid wood doors, so at first glance, it was hard to tell that they were open.   When we got there, they weren’t very busy, just one other couple in the restaurant, but a few others showed up while we were eating.  I was glad to see more customers since the food was very tasty.

    They have the buffet set up with a wide variety of items including stews, sausage, meat and potato pierogi, meatballs, stuffed cabbage rolls, and other items along with a salad and soup bar.

    Overall, the food had a lot of flavor.  Loren tried a spicy stew and he said they weren’t kidding when they said it was spicy.  Most of the food was very heavy and filling, so go with an appetite.

    The only thing that disappointed was the dessert.

    They had two cakes, an angel food which could have used some sort of moist topping, ice cream or strawberries for example, and another cake that I can only describe as rock solid.   The hostess/waitress was very friendly.   Total for two buffets and a drink was $25.

    2779 Gulf to Bay Blvd
    Clearwater, FL
    (727) 216-6625

    LucHouse Polish Buffet on Urbanspoon
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  • Go Hungry

    We were walking through downtown Safety Harbor tonight admiring the artwork from the Bloom and Chalk Festival when we saw a sign for LuLu’s Restaurant.  It’s only been open for a month and just had its official grand opening this weekend.  It’s located just off of Main Street in the space where Brady’s BBQ used to be.  They added an additional patio which was perfect for the beautiful weather we’re having right now.

    It’s a Portugese/Brazilian restaurant.  They have a buffet plus they come to your table with skewers of different kinds of meats for $20/person. 

    The buffet had salad, soup, potatoes, rice, black beans, chicken and veggies.  I didn’t care for the veggies, but the rest of it was pretty good.  The chicken was very tender and flavorful. 

    As for the skewers of meat, they brought around ribeye, two types of sausage, lamb, tri-tip, and pork tenderloin.

    All of the meats had good flavors.  I thought the ribeye was a little oversalted though.  The tri-tip was by far the most tender and tasty.  Both sausages were good.  The “spicy” one had a lot of flavor but wasn’t overly spicy.  Be sure to go hungry when you dine here though because they keep coming back to the table to offer you more food.  We were both stuffed and yet when they said they had chocolate mousse cake for dessert, I just couldn’t say no.

    It was yummy.  Loren kept trying to slide it to his end of the table.  The mousse layers inside were a little too cold, so they weren’t fluffy, but rather it gave it an almost ice cream like texture that I really liked.   Total bill with a drink was $51. 

    122 Third Ave N
    Safety Harbor, FL
    (727) 216-6648

    LuLu's on Urbanspoon