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Polish Food

Met my sister in Winter Park today and we had lunch at Anna’s Polish Restaurant.  While we perused the menu, the waiter brought over some rolls and bread.  My sister saw “pickle soup” on the menu and had to try it.

Underneath the rolls were slices of a flavorful bread.  The pickle soup was interesting.  It tasted like a creamy potato soup, but with the overwhelming flavor of pickles.  We both opted for the Polish platter for lunch in order to try a variety of items.  It came with sausage, pierogi, sauerkraut and stuffed cabbage.

She got the tomato sauce & I went for the mushroom and we got different pierogi.  It was all excellent.  I’m usually not a fan of sauerkraut, but I ate every last bit that was on the plate.  It was fresh and went perfectly with everything else on the plate.  The cabbage was stuffed with meat & rice and the pierogi were perfectly cooked.  Even though we were both stuffed, we couldn’t pass up dessert.

We tried the apple strudel and the crepes.  You can tell when something is homemade and these did not disappoint. The strudel had a nice cinnamon apple flavor and the crepes had a creamy cheese filling with a strawberry topping.  There were a lot more things on the menu that we would have loved to try, so we’ll definitely be back.  Total bill with a drink was about $45.

Anna’s Polish Restaurant
3586 Aloma Ave #7
Winter Park, FL

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  • Hofbrauhaus

    We were excited to see Hofbrauhaus, a new German restaurant open up in St. Petersburg, only to be disappointed with the quality of the food we received.  The space is a big open area with balconies.  We were seated upstairs with a view of the large hall beneath.  We got there around 11:45am and were able to get a parking space in their small lot and there weren’t that many other patrons inside which surely kept down the noise level.  I imagine with a rowdy crowd in that wide open space that it’s deafening in there.

    Our entrees came out of the kitchen very quickly; unfortunately, we had ordered the potato pancakes as an appetizer which were nowhere to be seen.  The waitress apologized and went to get them, but by the time she finally returned, we were pretty much finished with our meal and just sent them back.

    Loren ordered the Nürnberger Rostbratwürstl which were pork sausages served with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut.


    To me, they tasted like regular ol’ hot dogs and Loren said without the mustard they were just very plain and uninteresting in flavor.  I ordered the Jaegerschnizel which came with spaezle.


    For some reason, they thought bacon would make it better, but even bacon wasn’t going to help.  First off, the portion was very small compared to what I’ve gotten in every other German restaurant I’ve been to.  The pork was tender, but flavorless and the spaezle was dry.  There wasn’t enough mushroom gravy on it either.  The only saving grace to the meal was the Black Forest Cake.


    At least they got this one right.  The cake was moist and tasty.  I would have preferred real whipped cream to whipped topping, but otherwise this was the only high point of the meal.   We won’t be going back; there are much better German restaurants in the area. Total bill with a drink was $40.

    123 4th St
    St Petersburg, FL
    (727) 898-3333

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    Mainely Meat

    We stopped at Mainely Meat for some BBQ.  We ordered a sampler and a pulled pork sandwich.

    BBQ Sampler

    Pulled Pork Sandwich

    The ribs were very tender with a spicy rub on top.  The chicken and pulled pork were both cooked well and the sausage was a bit on the spicy side.  The sides, baked beans, potato salad, coleslaw, and cornbread, were all tasty as well. Total bill with a drink was $25.

    Mainely Meat
    15 Knox Rd
    Bar Harbor, ME
    (207) 288-9200

    Mainely Meat Barbeque Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  • Hearty Food

    We ended up at Cricketers for dinner tonight when the restaurant we were going to ended up being closed.  They were busy, but we didn’t have to wait for a table.  We started off with the bangers in batter.



    I’m a sucker for deep fried anything and these deep fried sausages were really yummy.  They’re served with gravy which just added to the tastiness.  I could have eaten another plate of these.  I couldn’t decide between the Irish stew and the chicken & vegetable pie, so Loren graciously got the Irish stew so I could taste it.



    It had a nice homey taste to it.  It had lamb and veggies and was covered with sliced potatoes.  He ate the whole thing.  The chicken and veggie pie was tasty too.



    It also had a nice hearty and rich flavor to it.  Both entrees come with two sides, so there was way more food here for me to eat.  I ended up taking half of mine home.  But, that didn’t stop us from getting the Cricketers 99 sundae.



    Sometimes the simple desserts are the best.  It was vanilla ice cream with caramel, chocolate, whipped cream and some chocolate wafers. Good stuff.  And we were sufficiently stuffed by the time we walked out of there.  Total bill with a drink was $46.

    2634 Bayshore, Blvd
    Dunedin, FL

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  • Yummy Food

    We walked around Lowry Park Zoo this morning and ended up La Pequena Columbia for lunch.  We really love the food at this restaurant.  Loren ordered the Bandeja Montaner.




    This dish had a little bit of everything in it, but his favorite was the sausage.  He just loved the flavor of it.  Along with that, there was steak, plantains, rice, beans, a corn cake, pork skin and salad.  Needless to say, he had leftovers.  I tried the chicken with mushroom sauce.



    It also came with rice & beans.  The chicken could have been more tender and the extra egg I ordered was overcooked, but my favorite thing about this place is the beans & rice.  So yummy.  I even ordered more beans to take home with us.  Service was a bit lacking during our visit.  Total bill with a drink was $40.

    La Pequena Colombia
    6312 N Armenia Ave
    Tampa, FL

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