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Having not satisfied our Mexican food craving from Friday night, we headed out to Los Mayas in Clearwater.  This used to be a Los Mariachis, but they changed the name.

Started off with some chips and salsa.

The chips were fresh, warm and crispy.  They definitely didn’t taste like they’d been sitting around for too long. 

I ordered the Pollo en Crema (Mayan Style).

It didn’t have a lot of flavor, but it was still pretty good.  The chicken was cooked with onions and mushrooms and it came with some tortillas and refried beans. 

Loren ordered the carnitas.

Plenty of big chunks of fried pork, plus rice, beans, onions, jalepenos, guacamole and tortillas to wrap it all in. He had plenty of leftovers for tomorrow too.  For $25, this was much better than what we had Friday night. 

Los Mayas
1200 Cleveland St
Clearwater, FL

Los Mayas Mexican on Urbanspoon

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  • Friday Thai

    I honestly never knew there were so many Thai restaurants around here.  Everytime I go out to Urbanspoon I find another one close to my house.  Tonight we decided to try Bua Siam Thai in Palm Harbor. 

    The strip mall it’s in had a facelift recently and we couldn’t remember if we’d eaten here before or not.  It’s a very open restaurant inside and I liked the decor.  It wasn’t over the top and I found the artwork to be very tranquil.

    Since there’s sushi on the menu, we had to try at least one roll and landed on the Ocean Roll.

    We rarely order sushi that doesn’t have rice, but I’m thinking we should do it more often.  This roll was amazingly light and fresh tasting.  It had tuna, salmon, avacado and asparagus wrapped in cucumber with a really delicious panzu sauce.  We decided we’ll have to come back again just for sushi some night because if this roll is any indication of their sushi expertise then we’ll be very happy customers.

    Loren orderd ginger pork tonight since I tease him about always ordering ginger chicken at every Thai place we go.

    He ordered it medium spicy and it had just the right amount of spice.  The pork and veggies were cooked well and the sauce was very tasty.

    I ordered the Panang Curry with shrimp.  I’ve just been hooked on yellow curry lately.

    I loved that their rice is served in the shape of a heart.  I ordered the curry mild and it still made my lips tingle.  It had a very flavorful sauce with bell peppers, onions, baby corn and carrots.  The shrimp were also done well.

    Decided I needed something sweet to cool down my mouth, so we ordered some Thai donuts.

    How can you go wrong with deep fried dough and a creamy dipping sauce?  I kept imagining some chocolate or raspberry sauce would have gone nicely with them as well. 

    There weren’t a lot of people in the restaurant and the service seemed slow at times even though there were several people who attended to our table.  The servers were very friendly though.  Total dinner ran us $40 and this is definitely a Thai place we’ll eat at again.

    Bua Siam Thai
    35903 US Hwy 19 North
    Palm Harbor, FL

    Bua Siam Thai Cuisine and Sushi on Urbanspoon

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  • Opa!

    Saw a coupon on for $25 off at Greektown Grille in Clearwater, so we decided to check it out.  It’s a nice looking restaurant with lots of seating and a patio area. 

    The bread was fresh and warm, just the way I like it.

    We had to spend $35, so we started off with a couple of half orders of appetizers.  Some calamari and some dolmades.

    The pepperoncini sauce that came with the calamari was a little spicy.  The calamari itself was cooked very well.  The dolmades were really good.  At a lot of places, it’s more rice than meat, but these were mostly meat which was nice and they had a really good flavor.

    Soup or salad came with our entrees, so we ordered one of each.

    The Greek salad has very good dressing on it.  The avgolemono soup was bursting with lemon flavor.  It was a pretty thick soup and if I had any hope of eating my dinner, there was no way I was going to be able to finish it.

    Loren ordered the Athenian Chicken.

    He really enjoyed it.  The chicken was cooked well and the spinach sauce and rice that came with it had wonderful flavors.  I ordered the pastitsio with a side of roasted potatoes.

    This was a wonderful dish.  The pasta and bechamel sauce were both cooked perfectly.  The sauce had a delicate taste of nutmeg.  I’ve had the dish at other places where it was overwhelming.  The potatoes were lemon roasted and tasty, but I was barely able to eat half my entree.  But, I’m all for leftovers.

    After the $25 coupon, the total bill was only $13.  Talk about a lot of delicious food for an incredible price.  This is definitely a place we’ll go back to again.  Having an authentic Greek restaurant without having to drive into Tarpon Springs is a wonderful thing.

    Greektown Grille
    1230 Cleveland St
    Clearwater, FL

    Greektown Grille on Urbanspoon

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  • TGIF

    For a four day workweek, this one seemed to last forever, so when it came time for lunch on Friday, a few of us headed over to the Latin American Grill in Oldsmar.

    My two co-workers hadn’t eaten there before, but I’ve had dinner there a few times and it’s always been good.  The restaurant was empty though, which was a surprise for a Friday afternoon.

    For $18, we got pork chops, steak fajitas, and a small Cuban sandwich.

    Everyone enjoyed the food.  I got the Cuban and if that was a small, I don’t even want to imagine what a large looks like.  The pork was really tasty in it.  For a quick, inexpensive lunch, this is a great place in Oldsmar. 

    Latin American Grill Argentine
    3780 Tampa Road
     Oldsmar, FL‎

    Latin American Grill Argentinian Steakhouse on Urbanspoon


    When all I’ve brought for lunch is a sandwich, it doesn’t take much to convince me to go out for lunch.  Loren likes Andy’s on the Bay and since they’re only open during the week for lunch, I suggested we head over there.

    Andy’s is a small cafeteria style restaurant that’s usually very crowded at lunchtime.  I was surprised there weren’t more people in there today.  The name is a bit confusing, since the restaurant isn’t on the water.  Instead it’s located in an industrial neighborhood in Oldsmar.

    I decided to try the chicken today and Loren got some pork with rice and beans.

    The chicken was a bit dry.  The pork was really good and tender.  I should know better than to order anything except the pork.  I think this is Loren’s favorite place to get rice and beans.  For $11, it’s a cheap, quick lunch.

    Andy’s on the Bay
    472 East Douglas
    Oldsmar, FL

    Andy's on the Bay on Urbanspoon

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