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If there’s one thing I can’t pass up, that’s soul food.  As soon as I saw Daddy D’s online, I knew we had to go there for lunch.  It’s a little diner serving up some fresh, homemade, stick to your ribs food.  Loren ordered the fried pork chops and I couldn’t pass up the fried chicken.


The sign says it all.  The waitress told us when we ordered that it’s all cooked to order so it would be about 20 minutes for our food.  It was worth the wait.



Let’s face it, the sides are a big part of soul food dining.  Loren got the collard greens and okra and I couldn’t pass up the mac & cheese and potato salad.  Plus some homemade corn muffins.  The potato salad was exactly how I make it at home.  The greens had a nice flavor and the okra was crunchy and yummy.  I could have eaten another bowl of the mac & cheese.   Both the chicken and pork chops had a light coating on them, but sometimes simple is best.  The chicken was juicy and tender.  I didn’t think Loren would be able to finish both pork chops, but he scarfed them down.  The only disappointment is that they didn’t have any desserts made.  Otherwise, it was one of the best meals we had on our trip for a mere $22.

Daddy D’s Suber Soul Food
411 7th Ave E
Hendersonville, NC
(828) 698-7408

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  • BBQ

    On our way back from Brooksville, we stopped at Hungry Harry’s BBQ in Land O’Lakes.  The dining room was full and it took our waitress a while to even acknowledge we were there.  We both ordered ribs, Loren the country style and me, the baby backs.




    For sides, we got potato salad, greens, cornbread pudding and mac & cheese.  My ribs were more tender than the country style ones, but not quite as fall off the bone as I would have liked.  They both had a good smoke flavor and the bbq on mine was tangy and sweet.  The sides were all ok.  Total bill with a drink was $33.

    Hungry Harry’s
    3116 Land O Lakes Blvd
    Land O Lakes , FL

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  • So Much Food

    If you’re heading out for dinner at the German Bistro II, you better be hungry.  The food is hearty, delicious, and there’s so much of it.  They start you off with some bread and cole slaw.



    The bread is thick and served with an herbed butter.  Loren even asked for seconds.  The cole slaw is fresh and crunchy with a bit of a peppery dressing on it.  For his entree, Loren went for the pork Jaegerschnitzel with warm potato salad and a house salad.



    The pork is super tender with a savory mushroom gravy on top.  He really enjoyed the vinegary flavor of the potato salad too.  I went for the chicken schnitzel with a side salad and spaetzle.



    I’m amazed at how tender they can get such a thin piece of chicken.  The breading had a nice lemon flavor to it and the spaetzle was delicious, especially with gravy on top.  The sides are unlimited and I was tempted to get another order of the spaetzle, but I knew I had to leave room for dessert.



    Black Forest cake is one of our favorites and this was an amazing one.  The cake was tender, the cherries had a nice tartness and it was served up with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.  As you can see from the photo, Loren’s got his fork ready & telling me to hurry up and take the photo.  This was an incredibly tasty and filling dinner for $45.

    German Bistro II
    1300 E Bay Dr Ste L
    Largo, FL

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  • Tasty Gyro

    We ate dinner at the Olympia Greek Restaurant over by Fresh Market on US 19 in Clearwater tonight.  There are so many of these little Greek places in the area and they all seem very generic.  It’s pretty much Greek fast food. 

    I’m a sucker for pastitsio, so I had to try that.  It came with a Greek salad.

    The salad had a little bit of everything in it and the dressing was tangy and tasty.  The pastitsio was ok, but both it and the sauce lacked in flavor.

    The sauce really tasted like it had just come out of a can.  It was tart and definitely needed to simmer a lot longer to give it any depth of flavor.  The pastitsio had a decent texture, but just didn’t have enough spices in it.  Unfortunately, the rice was a bit overcooked as well.

    Loren ordered the gyro platter.

    There’s a mound of rice under the gyro meat, but out of everything we had here, the gyro was the best.  It had a nice flavor and texture and tasted very fresh.   Both meals came with pita bread & tzatziki sauce and I also ordered a side of potato salad, forgetting that there’d be some on the salad.

    I like the pita and tzatziki.  It was creamy and had a good flavor without being overpowering with garlic.  The side of potato salad was way more than we could eat.  I was expecting one scoop, not four, so this is definitely a side to share.  I also ordered a cannoli to go.

    It was disappointing.  The shell was too thick and not crunchy at all and the the filling was also too thick.  It had the consistency of cookie dough.   After the $5 coupon from their website, the total bill with a drink was $23.  If I was in the area and wanted a quick gyro, I’d try it again, but otherwise, there wasn’t much that would draw me back in.

    Olympia Greek Restaurant
    25821 US 19 Hwy N
    Clearwater, FL

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    I was craving some brisket, so we headed over to Brady’s Backyard BBQ in Safety Harbor for dinner, only to find out that they were out of brisket and out of riblets, which Loren had planned to order.  It’s just not the same when you go somewhere with something specific in mind for dinner and they don’t have it.

    I ended up ordering the pulled pork dinner with corn bread pudding and potato salad.

    It was pretty good.  It’s what I usually order anyway.  There were plenty of leftovers.  I really like their cornbread pudding.   Loren ordered the spare ribs with collard greens and potato salad.

    The spare ribs were really tender and had a wonderful smoky flavor to them.  They offered us a free dessert since we couldn’t get the entrees we wanted, so we got the coca-cola cake.

    It was ok, but it’s not something I’d normally order.  It’s served warm and really just doesn’t have a lot of flavor to it.  It’s not really chocolatey and it’s not really sweet either.  The frosting is sort of caramel flavored, I guess.  Total bill was $29 and though we left full, I just wasn’t satisfied. 

    Brady’s Backyard BBQ
    340 Main Street
    Safety Harbor, FL

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