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Mee Krob

We ate dinner at Thai Nana tonight in Palm Harbor because I was craving some Mee Krob.


It’s a very simple crispy noodle dish with a tamarind sauce on it.  It’s addictive.  A bit on the sweet side and the crunchy noodles just melt in your mouth.  There’s also a couple of shrimp and some chicken it in, but it’s all about the noodles and sauce.  And speaking of noodles and sauce, I ordered some Pad Thai for my dinner.


Since I don’t like bean sprouts or peanuts, my Pad Thai is always a bit on the plain side, but tasty.  The pad thai sauce was on the sweet side too, so I was a bit overwhelmed with it & the appetizer.  Loren ordered a steak dish.


He said it was tender, but desperately needed the sauce that came with it.  I think he would have been happier if it had been a dish where everything was mixed and cooked together so all of the flavors could have melded together more.  Service here is really slow.  We had to wait in the front for a while before someone came to seat us and it seemed like they were understaffed for the number of customers.  Total bill with a drink was $36.

Thai Nana
1462 Alt 19
Palm Harbor, FL
(727) 787-0189

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  • Lemongrass

    By 1pm, it was sweltering hot in Vegas, so I went back to the Aria and had lunch at Lemongrass.

    You would think since I ordered the potstickers for an appetizer that they would have come out first… not so much.  I really expected a much better experience here.  I had ordered the Pad Thai without peanuts or sprouts and it’s plain to see they’re right there on the plate.  Good thing I just don’t like those items and aren’t allergic to them.  The waiter was apologetic about the appetizer coming out after the entree, but then he sort of ignored my table.

    Overall, though, the food was pretty tasty.  I really enjoyed the potstickers and the pad thai had some interesting flavors.  A little more spicy than I would have liked, but one of the better meals I ate in Vegas. Total bill was $33.

    3730 Las Vegas Blvd S
    Las Vegas, NV

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  • We went to Amarit Thai for lunch today.  They’re pretty busy on Fridays at lunch and yet the service never falters here.  Given our experience last night, we were very aware of the service today.  We called it ninja-like.  Orders were taken quickly, food was delivered fast and efficiently, and drinks were filled without notice.  A very pleasant dining experience.

    After the soup and spring roll, Loren got the garlic sauce chicken and I got plain Pad Thai.

    Loren said the garlic sauce didn’t have enough zing to it compared to the ginger sauce he normally gets, but otherwise it was ok.  I had enough Pad Thai for two meals.  Yeah, I know it’s odd to not get any of the veggies or peanuts on it, but I just like it this way.  Total bill with a drink was $20.

    Amarit Thai
    328 East Lake Road
    Palm Harbor, FL
    (727) 789-9186

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  • Thai Lunch

    I was off work today for MLK Day, so we headed into Dunedin and ate lunch at Tom Yum Thai & Sushi.  This is one of those places that I really like.  The service and food are both very good.

    Our lunches started off with a little salad and soup.

    I liked the dressing on the salad and the chicken & rice soup had a nice flavor.  They even brought mine out without scallions since I had asked them not to put scallions on my pad thai.  I really like places that make that connection.

    Loren got the spicy tuna bowl for lunch.

    It was a beautiful color and he liked the dish.  He said it wasn’t killer spicy, which was good and there was plenty of tuna on the plate.  I ordered the Pad Thai bento box.

    Besides the Pad Thai, it had an egg roll, California roll, three pieces of sushi & three pieces of sashimi.  The fish, tuna, salmon & escolar, was really fresh and tasty.  Everything on the plate was good and it was definitely too much for me to eat in one sitting.   For $23, definitely one of the tastier lunches we’ve had in a while.

    Tom Yum Thai & Sushi
    104 Patricia Ave
    Dunedin, FL
    (727) 953-9898

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  • Time for Thai

    Ate dinner at Bua Siam Thai in Palm Harbor tonight.   Our friend Bill joined us since Hurricane Irene thwarted his travel plans.  We started out with some sushi, a couple of Mexican rolls and a Christmas roll.

    They were both very good.  The Mexican roll had a nice crunch from the fried shrimp and the Christmas roll was very smooth and flavorful.  Bill got the Pad Thai for dinner and really enjoyed it.

    He even had some leftovers.  I always tease Loren that he gets the same thing everytime we go to a Thai restaurant, so he decided to be different tonight and ordered the yellow curry with chicken.


    It had a bit of spiciness going on, but very flavorful.  The fragrance was amazing when it came to the table.  Along with the other sushi, I also had a Ocean roll.

    This is one of my favorites.  It’s just such a burst of freshness with every bite.  It’s a cucumber wrapped tuna roll with no rice and the flavors just dance on your tongue.  Service tonight was very unobtrusive, which is something we really appreciated.  In the past, so many people came to check on us that it got annoying.  Total bill for the three of us was $62.

    Bua Siam Thai
    35903 US Hwy 19 North
    Palm Harbor, FL

    Bua Siam Thai Cuisine and Sushi on Urbanspoon

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