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We went over to Thirsty Marlin for dinner tonight.  Loren was craving grouper and this plate of fried grouper cheeks hit the spot.

The fish had a good crunchy batter and came with two sides.  He enjoyed the grouper dipped in the spicy Bahamian sauce.  I decided to try some sushi.  I ordered a Mexican roll, lobster roll and some salmon.

I wasn’t terribly impressed with the sushi.  The batter on the shrimp & lobster was so thick & crunchy that you couldn’t distinguish the two from each other.  There was also way too much rice on the sushi rolls.  They were just too thick.  The lobster roll had fried onions on top which was an odd choice.  They really didn’t add anything worthwhile to the dish.  I don’t think I’d order either of these rolls again.  The salmon was good though.  Total bill with a drink was $52.

Thirsty Marlin
1023 Florida Ave
Palm Harbor, FL

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We had dinner at Thai Bay in Largo tonight.  They weren’t very busy for a Friday night.  We started off with some sushi; an East Bay roll, a Mexican roll, and some salmon.



The salmon was fresh and tasty and both of the rolls were good.  The East Bay roll had salmon, cucumber, scallions and avocado on top.  Loren also got a Nam sod and I tried their fancy duck.



The Nam Sod was good, but the duck was a bit on the tough side.  It was hard to eat.  I liked the veggies and sauce with it, but it just wasn’t tender enough.  Total bill with a drink was $53.

Thai Bay
1300 East Bay Dr, Ste O-P
Largo, FL
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  • It seems most of the Thai restaurants around town have started serving sushi.  We hadn’t been to Amarit Thai in a while and decided to check out what they had to offer tonight.  We started off with some wonton soup, salad, and some crispy spring rolls.




    The soup and salad were good.  I like their ginger dressing.  The spring rolls were a bit too crispy in places, but otherwise, they were tasty.  We ordered the tuna tornado, Mexican roll, spicy tuna crunch, some salmon, and a lobster roll.




    The sushi was good, but the rice was a bit on the cold side for my taste.  I just don’t think there should be a noticeable difference in temperature.  The rolls were all a good size and we ended up taking some home.  It was a bit on the expensive side though, $78 with a drink.

    Amarit Thai
    328 East Lake Road
    Palm Harbor, FL
    (727) 789-9186

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  • We ate here once before when it was called Koba Sushi.  Now, it’s called Faceless Samurai, but it looks exactly the same inside.   It’s not a very big restaurant and we were there way longer than it should have taken to get four rolls.  The first thing we noticed were the children, of I’m guessing someone who works there, playing loudly at the table next to us.  Not exactly the way we wanted to spend our quiet night out.

    We ordered four rolls which came out one at a time with way too much time between them.  The problem is that we order rolls specifically for ourselves and there are some I don’t eat and some that Loren doesn’t really like, so the way the sushi came out, one of us inevitably was waiting to eat while the other one was eating.  We also don’t like having to eat one entire roll at a time, we much prefer to mix and match pieces throughout the meal.





    The sushi was just ok.  Nothing out of the ordinary, good or bad.  We got a Mexican roll, a California Roll, a Spicy Tuna, and a Rainbow Roll.  We also ordered some salmon, but we never got it.  Loren also ordered a drink and had to ask again for the waitress to actually bring it out.  She seemed friendly, but was completely scattered and not paying attention to anything that was going on.  Total bill was $50 and there’s no reason for us to go back.

    Faceless Samurai
    3428 Tampa Rd
    Palm Harbor, FL
    (727) 772-5622

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  • Surprisingly, we haven’t had sushi in almost 3 weeks, so we were definitely due for some tasty fish wrapped in rice.  Tonight, we decided to try Yama Taiyo Sushi in  Palm Harbor.

    We know we always order too much sushi, so we told ourselves that we’re just going to order 5 rolls… and some salmon nigiri.

    Loren started off with a salad.  Unfortunately, our waitress slipped away before he could ask for a fork.  His chopstick skills are improving though.

    When our waitress brought the sushi, she very quietly said what was on the plates and then left.  I thought I heard her say “spicy” something and I knew we hadn’t ordered anything spicy.

    Sure enough, instead of the Mexican roll I had ordered, they gave us a spicy salmon roll.  We were able to flag down another of the wait staff and they gave us the spicy salmon at no charge and also brought out the Mexican roll.  Loren liked the spicy salmon roll.  He said it wasn’t overly spicy, but had good flavor.  The Snow Crab roll was quite tasty.  You can definitely taste the crab and it had a good texture.  Same with the Special Scallop roll.  The Rainbow roll was amazing.  The salmon, tuna, and white fish on top were really fresh.  

    The Mexican roll was good.  The shrimp was cooked well and the avacado in it was very fresh and flavorful.  And then there was the Yama Big Roll.

    They weren’t kidding when they called it a BIG roll.  It was 12 huge pieces fried with tuna, salmon, and avacado.  It was awesome.  The sauces on it were not overwhelming at all and the tempura batter had an incredible crunch and texture.  This absolutely counts as two rolls instead of one.  It’s also the first thing I’ll order the next time I’m here.

    Total bill ended up being $55 and we had leftovers.  We hadn’t expected the spicy salmon roll and the Yama Big Roll was much more food than we anticipated.  I think it was the first sushi roll that took me four bites to eat one piece.

    After dinner, we headed down to Crystal Beach to watch the sunset.  Perfect ending to a wonderful night.

    Yama Taiyo Sushi Bar and Steak House
    660 Alderman Road
    Palm Harbor, FL

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