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“Who eats well, lives well”.  This was on the wall by our table at Dominic’s Italian Grille tonight.  We’ve eaten at Dominic’s a few times.  There are things I really like about it and other things that I don’t, such as the first aromas I smelled tonight were of bleach or cleaning solutions.  Though I appreciate that the place is clean, that’s not the overwhelming first smell I want when I sit down at a restaurant.

But, now on to a few things I do like…. the bread basket.

These light, airy, buttery delicious rolls are awesome.  There were 8 of them in the basket and not a one left by the time our entrees arrived.  Dip them in the olive oil and herbs and it boosts the flavor, or you can order up some pasta fagioli and dip them in that too.

The soup had good flavors.  Lots of beans, celery, onions, and pasta.  I don’t think it left the kitchen quite as messy as the photo makes it out to be.  Our waiter all but spilled it on the floor when he was trying to put it on the table.  Speaking of our waiter, I wasn’t all that impressed.  He never filled our drinks and didn’t check up on us at all once we got our entrees. 

Loren ordered the chicken piccata.

He really enjoyed it.  Two chicken breasts with the piccata sauce, plus broccoli and their angel hair pasta souffle.  I stole half of the souffle.  It’s one of my favorite things here. He said the sauce had a really good lemon flavor, but wasn’t overpowering. 

I normally don’t order spaghetti and meatballs in a restaurant because I never feel as though you get your monies worth.

Face it, $11 just seems much for 3 meatballs and some spaghetti.  The meatballs were pretty good, not a lot of fillers in them.  The sauce was really bland and acidic.   It tasted like it hadn’t been cooked for very long.  I’m Italian so I  expect a lot more depth of flavor in my sauce.  I think it should be simmering on the stove all day.  This isn’t a dish I’d order again.

Their dessert special of the day was an ultimate chocolate cake.  How could I pass that up?

This was really good.  It had layers upon layers of different types of chocolate.  The crust was a chocolate cookie layer.  Then it had two layers of a chocolate mouse, one dark and one milk chocolate.  The middle was a dense chocolate cake, then a layer of ganache and frosting.  Plus the end was covered in frosting and chocolate chips.  A chocolate lovers dream.  And to boot, it was only $3.95. 

I do have to mention one other thing that did not impress me tonight.  There was a flat screen TV on the wall across from us that was playing a slideshow of food photos from the restaurant.  A couple was then seated at the table directly below it. About halfway through their appetizers, one of the waiters tuned the TV to a basketball game.  The customers asked if the waiter wouldn’t mind just turning off the TV while they ate and the waiter complied.  Then about halfway through their meal, the owner came over and turned the TV back on.  I heard the customers ask again if he could just leave it off, but the owner continued to mess with it, until he got the slideshow of food photos back on.  I just thought it was rude for them not to just leave the TV off until the customers left.  There were only two other tables with customers besides us, so it wasn’t like anyone was missing anything by the TV being off.   

Our total bill was $38.  Again, our waiter didn’t impress me when he brought the bill and there was only one credit card receipt in the folder.   Though I wasn’t impressed with the overall customer service, for the most part, our food was good.

Dominic’s Italian Grille
3163 Curlew Road
Oldsmar, FL

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  • We went to the movies this morning to see “How to Train Your Dragon” (what can I say, I like kid’s movies), then headed over to Felice Italian Pork and Deli to get some subs.  We’d read some good reviews of the place and the food did not disappoint.

    It’s a small Italian deli that serves a bunch of subs plus has a variety of speciality food items in their store.  There were a lot of customers in there which is always a good sign.

    Loren ordered the Manhattan sub.

    Roast beef and turkey on an Italian roll.  The sub was huge.  He only ate half of it and saved the rest for later.   I ordered the meatball sub.

    Mine was also huge and I only ate half of it.  The meatballs themselves are really big and had incredible flavor.  The sauce was really nice  and the mozzarella cheese was one of the best parts of the sandwich.  

    And I couldn’t pass up a cannoli for dessert.

    The cannoli was very tasty.  The shell was nice and crispy and the filling very smooth.  It had a few chocolate chips in it and some succade, which is a candied citrus peel.

    We also bought some Italian sausage, fresh mozzarella cheese,  and olives while we were there. 

    The two subs and cannoli ran us about $20. 

    Felice Italian Pork and Deli
    29263 US 19 N
    Clearwater, FL

    Felice Italian Pork & Deli on Urbanspoon