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We were actually headed to Marina’s for lunch, then noticed Cafe Bresimo next door so decided to try it instead.  There were two women behind the counter and they were being kept very busy. 

I ordered one of today’s lunch specials which had a gyro, chips, and a drink.  I also got a side of potato salad.

The gyro meat was pretty good and the tzatziki sauce wasn’t overwhelming.  It wasn’t a very thick sauce or maybe it just thinned out once it got on the heated gyro meat.  The tomatoes weren’t very fresh though.  The potato salad had the consistency of mashed potatoes, but had a very good flavor.

Loren ordered the Chicken & Guacamole pita.

He didn’t realized there would be tzatziki sauce on it as well and he said it watered down the guacamole so you couldn’t really taste it.  Overall, the food was ok, but nothing really stood out.  It was similar to most of the little Greek places around town.   I think everything on the menu was under $7.   Total bill with drinks was $17.

Cafe BreSimo’s
12117 W Linebaugh
Tampa, FL

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  • We went back to downtown Safety Harbor for lunch today at Athen’s Restaurant.  I was craving breakfast, but then decided a gyro sounded better.

    At first glance, it looked kind of deceiving.  It didn’t look as though it had much gyro meat on it and that it had tons of tzatziki sauce.  It actually had quite a bit of meat on it and the sauce wasn’t overwhelming, so it gave it a nice balance.  The gyro meat was flavorful and tender.  The pita bread was very good too.  I think a little lettuce would have added a nice crunch to it.

    Loren got a bacon cheeseburger.

    They make a pretty good burger here and definitely slather on the mayo.  the fries were nice and hot and yummy.  Service was ok.  Our waitress spent most of the time talking to customers that I’m guessing were friends of hers.  She didn’t come back to our table until we had already finished eating.  Total bill was $15.

    Athens Restaurant
    226 Main St
    Safety Harbor, FL

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    Tzatziki sauce is a wonderful thing as long as you’re not planning on being in close quarters with anyone later in the day.  It’s so garlicy, yet so good and my gyro from Little Greek had plenty on it today.

    The gyros here are packed full of meat, lettuce and tomato and rather messy to eat.  Half of it inevitably ends up on my plate.  They make a really good pita here as well and it just wouldn’t be the same without a side of potato salad. 

    Loren got a Greek salad with chicken.

    He said he should have ordered a half salad, and yet, he still managed to eat the entire thing.  With a drink, the total for lunch was $19.  It’s fast, tasty food with a lingering taste of garlic.

    Little Greek
    320 East Lake Road
    Palm Harbor, FL

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  • We ate lunch at Pita’s Republic in Oldsmar today.  We’ve eaten here a few times and the food is usually pretty good.  They were busy today, so the service was a bit slow.

    Loren and I both ordered gyros.  He got a supreme which has hummus, tabouli, feta and olives on it.

    It was a big sandwich.  The flavors are strong and definitely stay with you throughout the day.  I just got a regular gyro pita with no onions and a side of potato salad.  I also got a pina colada smoothie which was really tasty.

    Both the tzatiki and potato salad have quite a bit of garlic in them.  I really like their pita bread.  Total lunch including another drink ran us $19.

    Pita’s Republic
    3970A Tampa Road
    Oldsmar, FL


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  • We had a coupon for Greektown Grille and headed over there for dinner tonight.   Loren’s son Alex moved back in temporarily and he joined us for dinner tonight.

    We started off with some calamari which came with a lemon sauce for dipping.

    The calamari was very tender.  Even the tentacle pieces were surprisingly tender.  The lemon dipping sauce didn’t really have a lot of lemon flavor and had the consistency of mayonnaise.

    I ordered the Moussaka which came with a Greek salad.

    Their Greek salad dressing was very weak and there wasn’t a lot of it on the salad.  I’m used to very flavorful Greek salad dressings and this was more like just a splash of oil and vinegar which is odd since the last time we were here the dressing was very good.

    The Moussaka had some really nice flavors in it though.  Layers of eggplant, zucchini, beef and potatoes topped with a bechemal sauce and a flavorful tomato sauce.  The lemon potatoes on the side weren’t cooked long enough, but I didn’t have room to eat them anyway.

    Alex and Loren ordered the Souvlaki and Gyro platters.

    The gyro meat was very tasty and not greasy at all.  It was probably some of the best we’ve tasted.  Plus there was enough on the plate for at least two meals.  The souvlaki pork could have been a little more tender, but otherwise it was pretty good.

    We decided to try some desserts tonight.  Loren ordered the baklava and I ordered the galaktobouriko which is a custard dessert inside phyllo dough layers.

    The baklava was very dense and chock full of walnuts.  Loren liked it. 

    I found the galaktobouriko to be inedible.  The custard had the consistency of old, overcooked jello.  It wasn’t creamy at all, just very rubbery. 

    After the $25 coupon, the bill came to $37 and we had lots of leftovers.

    Greektown Grille
    1230 Cleveland St
    Clearwater, FL

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