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We ate lunch at Burger 21 in Westchase today.  This is definitely not your average burger joint and we neither of us ordered an average burger either. 

Loren went for the Ahi Tuna burger and fries.

It was lightly fried, but still rare enough in the middle.  It had avocado, pickled cucumbers, lettuce and tomato on it.  I might have to get one for myself next time, it was pretty tasty.  The fries were crispy and yummy too.

I opted for the special this month which was the gyro burger and I’m never one to pass up sweet potato fries.

The lamb burger was very juicy and flavorful.  It had a tzatziki sauce, plus lettuce and tomato on it.  The sweet potato fries were cut very thin and were wonderful dipped in the apple cider sauce.  They had a bunch of different sauces on their sauce bar; the Thai ketchup and honeycomb mustard were good too. 

And on the way out, I couldn’t help but get a chocolate cherry bomb milkshake to go.

It was a little thin for a milkshake, but the chocolate cherry flavors were tasty.  The only downside of the restaurant was the price, $29 for the two of us.   The food was good, no doubt about it, but we could absolutely do better than burgers and fries for $30.

Burger 21
9664 W. Linebaugh Ave
Tampa, FL
(813) 475-5921

Burger 21 on Urbanspoon


I actually left the house today because I just couldn’t miss Chocolate Sunday at Ruth Eckerd Hall.  My friend Cathy and I ate at Grind House before heading over there.  It was empty at noon, but I’m guessing it probably filled up as the football games started later in the afternoon.

She got a burger and I got the grilled ham and cheese with fries.

A little overly grilled in places, but still rather tasty.  The bread was thick and crunchy and the ham had a nice saltiness to it.  The fries were nice and crisp too.  Less than $20 for the two of us.

As for Chocolate Sunday, it was really crowded.  There were some interesting things to try and a few that I definitely wouldn’t want seconds of.  The chocolate avacado mousse didn’t do it for me, neither did the sauerkraut chocolate cake.  The chocolate dipped shrimp had so much cayenne pepper on it that I thought my mouth was on fire.  I can’t remember which restaurant had it. 

Grind House Bar & Grill
1500 McMullen Booth Rd
Clearwater, FL

Grind House Bar and Grill on Urbanspoon


We ventured over to Jack Willies for lunch today.  They weren’t very busy, but you wouldn’t have guessed that by the service.  We split a mushroom swiss burger with some fries and onion rings.

It took a long time for the burger to come out.  Our medium burger was more like well done and both the fries and onion rings had been in the fryer too long or the oil was too hot.  Overall, just not a very satisfying meal. 

Then, their credit card machine went on the fritz so our waitress disappeared to go deal with that.  I really used to love going to Jack Willies, but the last few times we’ve been there, it’s been disappointing.  Total bill was $14 with a drink.

Jack Willie’s Tiki Bar and Grill
1013 St Petersburg Dr
Oldsmar, FL

Jack Willie's Original Tiki Bar and Grill on Urbanspoon


The Regulars

We ate lunch at Daddy’s Grill today in Oldsmar.  Whenever we eat there, we feel like we’re the youngest customers in the place as the clientele skews to the older crowd that have obviously been eating there for a number of years.  We constantly see the waitstaff addressing customers by name and reciting off what they want to drink before the customer even orders. 

Since we haven’t eaten there that often, we still have to look at the menu.  Loren ordered the blackened chicken sandwich with fries.

He said it was ok.  I scarfed quite of few of his fries because they were kind of tasty.  I ordered off of the specials board and got the chicken marsala. 

I found the marsala sauce to be fairly weak and there wasn’t enough of it on the plate.  Overall, the whole thing was just ok.  I had ordered macaroni salad instead of the mashed potatoes, but the waitress realized the mistake as she brought it to the table and fixed it.  Total lunch ran us $16.

Daddy’s Grill
3682 Tampa Road
Oldsmar, FL
(813) 891-6556

Daddy's Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon

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  • We needed a break from turkey, so we headed out to Vetture’s in Palm Harbor for lunch before walking through John Chestnut Park.

    Since we’ve been eating non-stop for the last two days, we decided to split a 12″ cheesesteak sub and an order of fries.

    I like the cheesesteaks here.  The unique thing about them is that they put a little bit of  tomato sauce under the cheese.  It gives it a different flavor and makes the whole thing very moist and gooey.  The roll is lightly toasted so you get a little crunch as well.  The 12″ sub was more than enough for the two of us.  With the fries and a drink, the total bill was $15.

    Vetture’s Restaurant and Pizzeria
    36137 East Lake Road
    Palm Harbor, FL

    Vetture's Pizzeria on Urbanspoon