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Italian Lunch

We decided to stop at Fratelli’s Italian Restaurant for lunch today.  They have an inexpensive lunch menu with a lot of different dishes from sandwiches to pastas and pizza.  Both the food and service have been hit or miss here, but today everything was ok.  Loren got the meatball sub with fries.

The meatballs are pretty tasty, but the fries were just ok.  They really weren’t very crispy and that’s the way he likes them.  I got the cheese manicotti.

It was like lava when it got to the table, so I had to munch on the bread while it cooled.  The bread was very buttery and had a nice texture.  It’s a dense bread which makes it great for dipping in the sauce.  The two manicotti were cheesy and tasty.  I wish they would add more lighting to this restaurant though.  It just looks like a dark bar when you walk in.   Total bill with a drink was $15.

Fratelli Italian Restaurant and Bar
120 Commerce Blvd, Ste 1
Oldsmar, FL

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  • Nom Nom

    We don’t eat fast food often, in fact, I think Five Guys is the only fast food burger joint we’ve been to in quite a while.  I’m intrigued with the efficiency they have in running this place.  As soon as people walk in the door, they’re counting them off and dropping more burgers on the grill & fries in the oil.  A large party came in right before us today, so our burgers took a little longer, but they were definitely fresh.

    Loren went for a bacon burger all the way and I got a little cheeseburger with grilled onions & mushrooms and we shared an order of fries.

    Actually, I think we only ate about half an order of fries because they dump what would normally be considered a regular order anywhere else in the bag on top of the actual order.  Everything was hot, fresh & juicy, just the way it should be.  Total bill with a drink was $16.

    Five Guys Burgers & Fries
    11622 Countryway Blvd
    Tampa, FL
    (813) 855-2244

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    We were headed down to Boyd Hill Nature Preserve in St Petersburg today and ate lunch at Munch’s Sundries.  Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive Ins and Dives filmed there earlier this year and based on our experience, I think it was a good pick. 

    It’s got that diner feel to it.  Been around since the 1950’s and the photos on the walls bring you back to an era long gone.  We started off with some onion straws.

    It was a big ol’ basket of lightly battered, very yummy onion rings.  This is one of those addictive appetizers.  Loren even found a few bonus items in the basket, some okra and a piece of fried chicken.  The waitress said sometimes you may even end up with a fried shrimp in there.  For lunch, Loren got a cheeseburger with fries.

    He said the burger was good, but that the bun had a bit too much mustard and relish on it for this taste.  He ended up having to help me eat my lunch, the BBQ rib sandwich.

    Ok, I’m not really sure why they called it a sandwich, maybe because there were two pieces of bread on the plate?  It was just three of the tastiest BBQ ribs I’ve had in a long time.  They were so tender and had lots of flavor.  I didn’t even bother with the BBQ sauce.  I would definitely come back for more BBQ.  Loren’s even thinking about using them to cater BBQ for one of their autocross events.

    And when there’s homemade apple pie on the menu, I find it very hard to resist.

    Lots of apples and cinnamon on a tasty crust.  And the best part was that the whole meal with a drink was $21.  Next time we’re in south St Pete, we’re definitely stopping here again.

    Munch’s Sundries
    3920 6th St S
    St Petersburg, FL
    (727) 896-5972

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    Big Wings

    It was about 8:30pm when we finally ventured out for dinner tonight and we ended up at the Oldsmar Cop Shop.  I decided on some honey BBQ wings and some sweet potato fries.

    Five wings didn’t seem like a lot, but it was plenty for me.  The wings here are really big and the sauce was sweet and tangy.  The sweet potato fries are awesome.  They’re thick crinkle cut fries served with whipped cream.  How can you go wrong with that?

    Loren ordered the chicken sandwich with fries.

    At the advice of the waitress, Loren got the chicken dipped in buffalo sauce.  He said it was pretty good.  The regular fries here are really good too.  Total bill with a drink was $20.

    The Cop Shop
    3780 Tampa Road
    Oldsmar, FL

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  • We went back to downtown Safety Harbor for lunch today at Athen’s Restaurant.  I was craving breakfast, but then decided a gyro sounded better.

    At first glance, it looked kind of deceiving.  It didn’t look as though it had much gyro meat on it and that it had tons of tzatziki sauce.  It actually had quite a bit of meat on it and the sauce wasn’t overwhelming, so it gave it a nice balance.  The gyro meat was flavorful and tender.  The pita bread was very good too.  I think a little lettuce would have added a nice crunch to it.

    Loren got a bacon cheeseburger.

    They make a pretty good burger here and definitely slather on the mayo.  the fries were nice and hot and yummy.  Service was ok.  Our waitress spent most of the time talking to customers that I’m guessing were friends of hers.  She didn’t come back to our table until we had already finished eating.  Total bill was $15.

    Athens Restaurant
    226 Main St
    Safety Harbor, FL

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