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Quite a few restaurants are closed on Memorial Day so we ended up at the new Five Guys in Boot Ranch for lunch.



The restaurant is big and bright, plenty of windows letting in lots of light.  The burgers & fries are what we’ve come to expect from Five Guys and I actually think these were a little less greasy than the ones we got recently at the Westchase location.  A little cheeseburger with grilled onions & mushrooms for me and a little bacon cheeseburger for Loren.  Plus you can’t leave here without some awesome fries.  Total bill was $15.

Five Guys Burgers & Fries
300 East Lake Road
Palm Harbor, FL

Five Guys Burgers & Fries on Urbanspoon


We decided to try Red Robin over at Countryside Mall for lunch today.  We thought we were going to miss the lunch crowd, but it was packed.  We ended up waiting 15 minutes or so for a table.  We decided to start off with some chips & queso.


It was pretty good.  The flavor and creaminess was just right and it had a little bit of heat.  There weren’t enough chips to start off with, but the waitress brought more.  By the time the new basket of chips arrived though, our burgers were out.  Loren got the Guac Burger and I got the mushroom burger.



We both agreed that these were some pretty tasty burgers.  They definitely don’t skimp on the toppings either.  There was a mound of mushrooms on mine.  They also come with an endless supply of steak fries, though neither of us even finished the ones already on our plate.  But, of course, you pay for all the freebies one way or another and the total bill with a drink was $31.  A bit much for some burgers, even though they were pretty tasty.

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers
27001 US Highway 19 North
Clearwater, FL

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers on Urbanspoon



I made Loren get up early today and walk around the south end of the Las Vegas strip with me since that was the one part I hadn’t been to yet.  Since he was still on Florida time, it felt like lunchtime to him, so we stopped at FatBurger and had a burger and fries for breakfast.

I gotta say, this was a pretty darn good burger & fries.  It was fresh,  juicy and flavorful and the fries were hot and crispy.  For $15 with a drink, it really hit the spot.

Fat Burger
3763 Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV

Fatburger on Urbanspoon


I ate at the Todd English Pub twice because it was really good.  I had sliders both times, first ones were beef and the second time the brown butter lobster sliders, and they were both delicious.

The burgers had a wonderful flavor and the fries were crispy and delicious.  There was plenty of lobster in the other sliders and the buns were perfectly buttery and scrumptious.  If it weren’t for the prices, I could eat here every day.  The beef sliders & fries ran me $16,  the lobster sliders $25.

Todd English Pub
3720 Las Vegas Blvd S (Crystals)
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 489-8080

Todd English Pub on Urbanspoon

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  • I really should learn to listen to myself.  The last time we ate at Grind House before a show at Ruth Eckerd Hall, I vowed not to do it again and yet, that’s where we went for dinner tonight anyway.  They were crowded when we got there, but there were still some empty tables.  The bartender greeted us, brought us menus, and took our drink order.  He also brought out our water and iced tea.  When our waitress finally came by to take our dinner order, I gave her the free appetizer coupon we received last time we were here (because of issues with our food) and we ordered the spinach dip.

    They were having a special tonight for buy one, get one free fish & chips with the purchase of two drinks.  Since I had ordered water, I told the waitress to bring me a Mr. Pibb instead.  Our appetizer came out, but the waitress didn’t bring my drink.   The spinach dip was really good.  It was creamy and had good flavors and the chips were hot and fresh.  Our fish & chips came out and the waitress asked if we needed anything else and I said my drink.  She wandered off, but never came back with the drink.

    The fish & chips were really good.  The batter is so crunchy and the fish was silky and flaky.  The fries had a nice crunch too.  Again, our waitress returned and asked if we wanted anything else.  I ordered a dessert and she realized again that she hadn’t brought my drink and asked if I wanted it to go.  Ummm, no, I wanted it with my meal.  The brownie sundae was very yummy though.

    It needed to be in a slightly larger bowl because every time we put a spoon in, the whipped cream started flowing out the sides.  You’ll notice I didn’t say it needed less whipped cream.  That would be just silly.  The brownie was soft and chewy and very tasty.   I was half expecting our waitress to charge us for the drink I never got, but instead, she charged us for the appetizer that we had the free coupon for.  Someone else saw that we had our check ready to go so I had to explain to them that we shouldn’t have been charged for the appetizer.  It’s such a shame that we’ve had such terrible service here because most of the time, the food is really good.  Total bill was $18.

    Grind House Bar & Grill
    1500 McMullen Booth Rd
    Clearwater, FL

    Grind House Bar and Grill on Urbanspoon