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We were driving home from Port Richey and stopped for dinner at Estela’s.  Since it was St Patrick’s Day, they started us out with some green chips and salsa.

Loren ordered the fajita dinner special.

There was a mound of food on the plate.  He said it was pretty tasty and had lots of leftovers for tomorrow.  I ordered the chimichangas.

The dish comes with one beef and one chicken chimi over some of their jalepeno cheese sauce.  The cheese sauce was spicy!  Both of the chimichangas had some good flavors going on. 

Between the mariachi band, a couple of big groups,  the high ceiling, and tile floors, the place was really loud.  It was difficult trying to hold a conversation.  The service wasn’t that great.  Loren’s drink was empty for a while and we finally had to ask another waitress to see if she could find our waitress so we could get a box and our check.   We definitely got a lot of food for $22 though.

7041 US Hwy 19
New Port Richey, FL

Estelas Mexican on Urbanspoon

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  • Had lunch at Salsa’s in Oldsmar today.   This is the second time I’ve eaten here and it’s been busy both times.  We started out with some chips and salsa and I ordered the cheese dip.

    Loren thought the salsa was very bland.  Not spicy at all.  He thought maybe it was leftover marinara sauce from the Italian restaurant that used to be in the space.   The cheese dip, on the other hand, had a little kick of jalapeno. 

    He ordered the lunch chicken fajitas and asked the waiter if it came with guacamole.  The waiter said yes it did.

    If you’ll notice from the photo, there’s no guacamole there.  Unfortunately our waiter never returned to our table, so it’s not like we could order some.  Both times, I’ve been here, the service has been less than stellar.  They take your order, drop off your food, and then they never check back with you until you’re ready for the check. 

    I ordered the chicken creama.

    It’s a rather plain dish, with not a lot of flavor going on.  The chicken was tender though.  Total lunch with a drink ran us $23. 

    Salsas Mexican Restaurant
    3970 Tampa Road
    Oldsmar, FL

    Salsas Mexican Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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  • Heading out to Tampa tonight to see the musical “Dreamgirls” and stopped at Guadalajara Mexican restaurant for dinner. 

    Loren likes their chips and salsa.

    He got the chicken fajitas which came with rice and beans.

    He said it was pretty good.  I ordered a chicken chimichanga.

    It suffered the fate of so many chimichangas and wasn’t crispy at all.  Otherwise, though, the flavor was good.   The service was somewhat non-existent.  After our waitress brought our food, we didn’t see her again until we were finished.  Total bill was $28.

    Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant
    4502 W Hillsborough Ave
    Tampa, FL

    Guadalajara Mexican on Urbanspoon

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  • I hate it when I go to a restaurant specifically because I have a coupon only to find out that they’re no longer accepting them.  That’s what happened to us tonight at Caramba’s in Dunedin.  The $25 coupon that I downloaded before we left wasn’t being honored anymore.

    The waitress brought chips and salsa to the table and Loren and Alex jumped right in.  The salsa at Caramba’s is different from a lot of other places.  Loren said it was a bit spicier tonight too.

    They both ordered fajitas, one chicken and one beef.

    They were ok and had plenty for leftovers.  I ordered the Combo #4 which is a burrito and chimichanga with rice and beans.

    There was a lot of food on the plate and both items were filled with chicken.  I was happy to finally get a chimi that was crispy.  Overall the food was ok, nothing stood out and the flavors were relatively bland.

    They weren’t very busy for a Friday night, but with only one waitress working the dining room and cash register, the service was pretty slow.  She also wasn’t very observant, leaving drinks empty and when we asked for more salsa, she didn’t bring more chips even though the basket was empty. 

    Total dinner for the three of us was $37.

    Caramba’s Restaurant
    1840 Drew St
    Clearwater, FL

    Caramba's Mexican on Urbanspoon

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  • Since Los Mexicanos was closed when we tried to go on Labor Day, we decided to head out there tonight.  The first thing we noticed upon walking in the door was how loud it was.  On the plus side, it means a lot of people are eating there, however, it was rather difficult to hold a conversation.

    They brought out some chips and salsa.

    It’s not a chunky salsa, but Loren still enjoyed it.  He ordered the steak fajitas.

    The waitress brought the pan of fajitas to the table along with my entree.  She said she’d be right back with the plate that came with the fajitas.  Then she disappeared for awhile.  She came back and grabbed his empty drink glass and brought it back, before disappearing into the kitchen one more time to get the plate that goes with the fajitas.  We were just sitting there stunned.  How hard is it to bring all the food to the table?

    The fajita meat was tender, but in tiny strips.  We weren’t impressed.  I ordered the chicken chimichanga dinner.  Since it only came with rice, I also ordered a side of refried beans.

    If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a million times, chimichangas should be crispy on the outside.  If they’re not crispy, they’re burritos.  These were definitely stuffed full of chicken though.  Unfortunately, without the crispy exterior, it just lacked the texture I was craving. 

    Overall, the entire dining experience was just lacking.  Sure, there was plenty of food and I probably brought over a pound of it home as leftovers, but neither the quality of the food, nor the service was worth the $27 bill.

    Los Mexicanos
    38954 US Hwy 19
    Tarpon Springs, FL

    Los Mexicanos on Urbanspoon