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Quick Meal

We were headed to a matinee show at Ruth Eckerd Hall and figured we could get a quick to bite to eat at Athens Restaurant in Safety Harbor before the show.  Loren went for a Greek salad and I opted for breakfast.

He said his salad was ok (especially after adding my bacon) and I liked the French toast.  I asked for cheese in my eggs and would have liked for it to have been mixed in instead of just on top, but otherwise they were ok.  For $15, it was a quick, decent meal.

Athens Restaurant
226 Main St
Safety Harbor, FL

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  • Met my sister in Winter Park today & we decided to go back to Keke’s for breakfast.  It was really busy.  We ended up waiting almost 30 minutes for a table for two.

    She went for the raspberry stuffed French toast.

    This is one sweet breakfast item and she was Mmm, Mmmm-ing the entire time.  I went a little more traditional with a combo of scrambled eggs, home fries, and French toast.

    Mine was ok.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  The French toast could have used a little more flavor to it.  Maybe next time I’ll try it stuffed.  Total bill was $25 with two hot chocolates.

    Keke’s Breakfast Cafe
    345 West Fairbanks Ave
    Winter Park, FL

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    Rodie’s Restaurant recently opened up on McMullen Booth, so we decided to give it a try.  Loren opted for lunch while I ordered for a breakfast skillet with pancakes.

    The skillet I ordered had hashbrowns, ham, onions, mushrooms & cheese.  It was very bland and dry and the mushrooms were out of a can.  The pancakes were a bit on the heavy side.  They just weren’t light and fluffy, especially when you dug into the middle of them.

    Loren got a chicken sandwich with chips.

    He said it was ok, but not something he’d come back for.  There just wasn’t any down home goodness to the food, it was just extremely generic.  Our waitress was new as well and it showed.  One of those things that makes me twitch is after I’ve ordered something to have the waitress come back to the table to tell me what I ordered wasn’t included in the dish when it says so right on the menu.  Needless to say, the pancakes that came with my meal showed up a bit later than the rest.  Total bill was $17, but I’d probably hit up Cracker Barrel or Village Inn before we go back here again.

    Rodie’s Restaurant
    2471-7 N McMullen Booth
    Clearwater, FL

    Rodie's Restaurant on Urbanspoon


    Yes, I’m one of those geeks that had to go see the final Harry Potter movie on opening day.  Since we were going to the 1pm movie (and needed to be there an hour early), a late breakfast at Cracker Barrel seemed the way to go.

    We both settled on pancakes, mine with scrambled eggs and hashbrown casserole and Loren got some bacon.

    The pancakes were good.  We both ended up having to get more syrup though.  Loren really liked the bacon.  He said it was crispy and yummy.  The eggs were ok and the hashbrown casserole was pretty tasty.  With an OJ, the total bill was $20.

    Cracker Barrel
    13833 West Hillsborough Avenue
    Tampa, FL

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  • Both Sides

    We were driving up to Holiday this afternoon, so we stopped at the Americana 50’s Diner for lunch.  I always have high hopes when I walk into a diner that it’ll be like all the places Guy Fieri visits on Diner’s, Drive In’s and Dives.  Sadly, the food here didn’t live up to the expectations.

    I went for breakfast and ordered the French Toast, two eggs over easy, and some homefries.

    I really should have taken out my camera again because the French Toast was only toasted on one side.  It was weird.  It was like they flipped it over on the griddle and immediately put it on the plate.  Unfortunately, it also hadn’t been soaked very long in the egg custard as it was rather dry inside as well.  Once it was drenched in syrup, it was ok, but the overall execution of the dish should have been better. 

    The eggs were cooked ok, but the home fries were too thinly cut, very dry and flavorless.  I guess when I envision home fries, I expect them to be mixed with onions at the very least and be at least salt & peppered. 

    Loren went for a pastrami & corned beef club club with Manhattan clam chowder and fries.

    The chowder was pretty good, but definitely needed salt.  He said the sandwich was very dry and also lacked flavor.  I think that’s the downside with some of these local diners; they try to create a menu that won’t offend any palette and end up serving very bland food.  If nothing else, at least the prices were reasonable.  Total bill with a drink was $17.

    Americana 50’s Diner
    1730 Us-19
    Holiday, FL
    (727) 942-7880

    Americana 50's Diner on Urbanspoon