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So Much Food

We ventured over to Saki Endless Sushi in Clearwater for dinner tonight.  It’s located on Gulf to Bay & Hwy 19 behind the shopping center.  I didn’t even realize there was a building back there.  It’s a nice looking little restaurant and for $17.99 you can order endless appetizers, soup, salad, sushi, hibachi, and dessert.  We had to roll ourselves out of there.   You order as much or as little at a time, pacing yourself so everything doesn’t come out all at once.  There is an additional charge for any remaining sushi, but we didn’t have any problem finishing off what we ordered.

For the first round, we got the Green Sarabay, Mexican, and Rainbow roll



The Green Sarabay had Spicy tuna crunch & tamago inside with salmon and avocado on top.  I had to look up what tamago was.  It’s egg. Loren said the tuna had a good spice level to it.  I love anything covered in eel sauce and the Mexican roll and Rainbow roll were both fresh & tasty.   Next round, we got the avocado salad which is basically their ginger salad with avocado on top, an order of salt & pepper calamari, salmon sashimi, flying fish roe, an Alaskan roll, and a Saki roll.





The salt & pepper calamari had a light batter and the salty taste we were looking for as well as a couple of deadly hot peppers on the plate that we both avoided.  The Alaskan roll was salmon, cucumber & avocado and the Saki roll had shrimp tempura, cucumber, krab meat, mayo topped with avocado, shrimp, tobiko and eel sauce.  All of it was tasty and as if that wasn’t enough, Loren decided to try the chicken hibachi, a spicy salmon roll, and I needed some gyoza.




The chicken in the hibachi dish was very tender.  It also had mushrooms, onions, zucchini and broccoli.  Loren commented that everything was cooked evenly unlike some of the hibachi restaurants we’ve been to where some veggies are overcooked and some undercooked.  This was all perfectly done.  You can also order rice & noodles to go along with it, but there was no way he’d have been able to eat it all.  He had eaten half of the spicy salmon roll before I remembered to take a photo.  The dumplings were very good.  There was some hot pepper in the dipping sauce that caught me by surprise, but otherwise, they were perfectly cooked.  Even though we were both stuffed at this point, we couldn’t leave without dessert.


There’s nothing quite like fresh, hot, sweet doughnuts.  Yum!  I think what impressed us the most was that everything was made & cooked to order.  It was all hot and fresh when it got to the table.  Our waitress was very attentive, filling drinks and as soon as we started to glance at the menu again, she’d be over to see what else we wanted to order.  And here’s the kicker, with a drink, the total was $40.  Had we ordered it all separately, it would have been over $75.  We’ll definitely be back again.

Saki Endless Sushi
2643 Gulf to Bay Blvd
Clearwater, FL

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  • My sister & I were in Winter Park today and stopped at Orchid Thai for lunch.  It was a gorgeous day so we sat outside and had soup and appetizers.



    I got the coconut soup and she went for the lemongrass soup.  The aroma of both were amazing.  The lemongrass soup was a bit spicy with lots of vegetables.  The coconut soup had a beautiful lime, coconut, lemongrass flavor to it.  Yum!  We settled on the Orchid Sampler and an order of the golden purses to munch on.



    The sampler had summer rolls, spring rolls, crispy shrimp, dumplings and curry puffs.  The dumplings and spring rolls were my favorite.  We both found the curry puffs to be a bit overpowering.  The golden purses are basically crab rangoons.  They had a nice crunch on the outside with a creamy filling.  It was a fresh, tasty lunch for $38.

    Orchid Thai
    305 Park Avenue North
    Winter Park, FL

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  • Late Lunch

    We’ve been vacationing up near High Springs this week and drove over to Gainesville for a late lunch at Garlic & Ginger Restaurant.  A friend of ours asked if we liked Korean food and recommended the restaurant.  We were happy she did.  The place was empty when we got there, but it was 3pm on a Wednesday.  We started off with the steamed veggie dumplings and we ordered the pork katsu and tang su yuk.






    It was a lot of food, but we managed to eat most of it.  We weren’t very adventurous in our choices, but we really enjoyed it. The pork in both dishes was tender and seasoned well.  I liked the sweet and sour sauce on the fried pork.  The side dishes all had very different flavor profiles, ranging from a mayo based cole slaw to a spicy kimchi.  We’d certainly eat here again when we’re back in the area.  Total bill with a drink was $44.

    Garlic & Ginger Restaurant
    5847 SW 75th St, #109
    Gainesville, FL

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  • Yummy Sushi

    We thought we were going out for Thai food, but about halfway through the menu, we decided to order sushi instead.  What can I say, we love sushi.  We started off with some steamed dumplings and a salad.




    I liked the dressing on the salad here.  It didn’t have that overwhelming ginger/sesame oil flavor that I don’t care for.  The steamed dumplings were tasty.  They had both pork and shrimp in them along with water chestnuts and mushrooms.  For the sushi, we ordered a Mexican roll, a Rainbow roll, a Tiger Eye roll and a Boston roll, plus some salmon.




    All of the sushi was fresh and tasty.  There was a bit too much wasabi on the salmon that cleared my sinuses right up.  Loren liked the Boston roll.  It had spicy tuna, shrimp, avocado, cucumber and kimchee sauce.  The kimchee sauce is what brought the spiciness up to the next level.  The Tiger Eye roll was interesting.  It had salmon, squid, krab, and avocado, deep fried and covered in eel sauce.  I liked it.  Normally, Loren’s not a fan of eel sauce, but he thought it was good too.  Total bill with a drink was $53.

    Thai Bay
    1300 East Bay Dr, Ste O-P
    Largo, FL

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  • Great Flavors

    We had never tried Korean food before, so today’s lunch adventure was out to One Family Korean Restaurant on Hillsborough.  It’s a hidden little gem located in the back of a shopping center.  From the moment we walked in the door, the aromas from the kitchen tempted our tastebuds.  We started off with some fried dumplings.



    We didn’t expect quite so many of them, but they were delicious.  The dipping sauce was savory, but not overly spicy.  The dumplings were crispy and had a pork and veggie filling.  For his entree, Loren tried the spicy pork lunch box.



    There was a ton of food in this box.  He said the pork was spicy and tender and he really enjoyed all the different sides that came with it.  He even asked for more of the bean sprouts to take home with his leftovers.  And trust me, there were leftovers all around.  I got the sweet & sour shrimp which was also served with a bunch of sides.




    The waitress said the side dishes change every day so you never know what you’re going to get.  I like the potato and apple salad the best.  There was also spinach & the bean sprouts that Loren loved, plus two other veggie dishes.  As for the sweet & sour shrimp, it was probably one of the best sweet & sour dishes I’ve ever eaten.  There were plenty of shrimp and they were perfectly cooked and nice and crispy.  The veggies included peppers, onions, mushrooms, cucumber pickles, and I think pears.  It was yummy and I had plenty for a second meal as well.  Total bill with a drink was $42 and we’ll definitely be back.

    One Family Korean Restaurant
    7030 W Hillsborough Ave
    Tampa, FL

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