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We left Las Vegas this morning on our way to the mountains in Utah.  We stopped in St George for lunch and ate at Cappelettis Italian Restaurant.  We started off with the spinach artichoke dip.

This was very fresh and tasty.  The chips were warm and the dip just had a wonderful flavor and texture.  There was also a lot of it which made it difficult to finish our entrees.  Loren ordered the half sandwich and soup.

He got the French onion soup and chicken salad sandwich.  I really liked the sandwich.   Besides the chicken, it had grapes, apples, dried cranberries, and lettuce.  The bread was thick and soft an overall just very tasty.  I ordered the fettucine alfredo.

Although it had way too much cheese sprinkled on top, the rest of it was creamy and delicious.  No separating of the sauce here which was a wonderful thing.  There was way too much of it for me to finish though.  And yet, I still managed to save room for dessert.

I don’t remember what this was called, just that it was amazingly chocolatety.  Thick and rich with some different textural layers in it.   Something I’d most definitely order again.  Yum!  Total bill with a drink was $36.

36 E Tabernacle
Saint George, UT

Cappelettis on Urbanspoon

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  • We’ve lived in Florida long enough that hunger wins out over rain any day.  We had just gotten out of a movie and even though it was pouring out, we braved the weather and ended up at the Marathon Grille for lunch.  Loren tried the chicken keftedes (at least I think that’s what it was) which came with a Greek salad and potatoes.

    They were little chicken patties of tastiness.  Lots of Mediterranean type spices in a flavorful little package.  He really liked them along with the salad.  I got a gyro with Greek salad.

    It was very good.  There were cucumbers & tomatoes on it (I had them hold the onions) and the tzatziki sauce was tasty.  Most of the places that I get gyros from have lettuce on them, but I kinda liked the cucumbers.  My only complaint was having the Greek salad served on the same plate.  The dressing just went everywhere and I had to save my gyro was getting soggy.  Since the rain decided to whip up to a frenzy about the time we were finished, we decided to try some dessert.

    It was a tasty chocolate cake which we ate slowly to savour every bite and avoid getting drenched by Tropical Storm Debby.  Total bill with a drink was $26.

    Marathon Grille
    33675 US Highway 19N
    Palm Harbor, FL

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    I’ve been craving German food for a while so we headed off to the German Restaurant in Holiday.  They were pretty busy when we got there and as it turned out, I think all the tables showed up right before us, so it took quite a while to get our food tonight. This definitely isn’t a place you go for a quick meal. We both started out with bread and the potato sausage soup.

    The sausage took over the flavor of the soup, but it was yummy.  There’s nothing quite like fresh, home made soup.  From here the long wait began.  We were beginning to think they had lost our order when they finally brought it out. Loren got the Rinder Roulade.

    He said it had some interesting flavors.  There was a pickle in the middle, which they actually warned him about, saying it gets really hot and doesn’t cool down quickly. The only thing he really didn’t care for was the cabbage.  He thinks it’s too tart.  I’m pretty predictable when it comes to food here.  The Jaegerschnitzel and spaetzel were the two things I was looking forward to.

    The portions are huge and I ended up taking half of it home.  I did find it a little on the salty side, but overall it just has such a nice flavor and texture.  Comfort food at its best.  And there’s no coming here without a slice of the Black Forest cake.

    Cream filled chocolate cake goodness.  Delicious!  Total bill with a drink was $46.

    The German Restaurant
    2616 US Hwy 19
    Holiday, FL

    German on Urbanspoon

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  • We got a recommendation on our Facebook page to try Marley’s Monster Grill, so that’s where we ended up tonight.  I had checked out the menu online beforehand and it gave me the giggles, so we just had to try it.  It’s not a very big place, but from the moment we walked in, we had a good feeling about it.  The walls are covered with monster movie memorabilia and the owners were very nice.  As people walked in, they were greeted by name, so this seems to be a place people come back to again and again.

    They brought over some homemade chips & queso.

    I liked the chips, but the queso was a bit too Cheez-wizzy for me.  It had some heat flavorwise, but wasn’t warm temperature wise.  I just prefer my queso warm to the touch.  We ordered some garlic monster toes.  Seriously, how could you pass up ordering something called Monster Toes??

    Yummy little pizza dough munchies.  They asked if we wanted garlic butter or marinara to dip them in & since we hadn’t tried either before, they brought out both.  I actually liked both & ended up dipping the dough in the garlic, then the marinara.  I had to stop eating them or there was no way I was going to be able to eat my sandwich… which was huge, by the way.

    This is the way I like my Philly cheesesteak.  The Amoroso rolls are so soft, the meat is finely shaved and it’s covered in onions, mushrooms, mayo & cheese.  I’m not a Wiz gal, so it’s American cheese for me.  I only managed to eat half of it, but the other half will make for some tasty leftovers.  And I’m a fan of anyone who serves sweet potato fries.

    Loren got the chicken grill sandwich which came with fries.

    One minute, I was taking a photo and the next, the sandwich was gone.  He really liked it.  The chicken was thin, but very tender, the veggies & bread fresh and he liked the mayo-dijon spread on it.

    The first thing listed on their menu is dessert, because why wouldn’t you want to eat dessert first, so I just couldn’t resist ordering a chocolate covered brownie cheesecake on a stick.

    It was pretty good.  It had a layer of brownie inside plus a chocolate cheesecake.  Plus the plate & chocolate sauce design made me giggle.  The food did take a while to come out of the kitchen, but when it comes out fresh & tasty, it’s worth the wait.  They also have a monthly Face Trivia game, so we were quite occupied trying to figure out the who’s who.  It was a fun way to pass the time.  Total bill was $27 and this is definitely a place we’ll be back to.

    Marley’s Monster Grill & Pizza
    29835 US Hwy 19 N
    Clearwater, FL

    Marley's Monster Grill on Urbanspoon


    Good Flavors

    We drove up to Tarpon Springs tonight to have dinner at The Plum Tomato.  It’s a little Italian restaurant and though our first impression wasn’t great, the food made up for it.  When we walked in the door, we weren’t greeted by anyone.  Waitresses walked by and no one acknowledged us and then an older gentleman (I’m guessing the owner) sort of looked at us, but I honestly couldn’t tell if he was a customer or worked there.  He eventually came all the way over to us & directed us to a table being cleared.

    They started us off with some homemade bread.

    The bread was warm and tasty.  Would have been nice to have a plate of oil & herbs to dip it in.  It was gone in a few minutes though.  Our entrees came with soup or salad and we both chose the clam chowder.

    It was really creamy and had some rich flavors to it.  Very, very tasty and had a nice assortment of ingredients that weren’t mushy and a good depth of flavor.  We also decided to try the calamari.

    It was good, but not great.  Loren liked it more than I did.  It was a little on the chewy side, mostly because the pieces were very thin, but the breading was flavorful and the marinara sauce was very good.

    Loren got the chicken mediterranean which was chicken & eggplant in a lemony sauce which also came with a side of pasta.

    Eggplant is not the easiest thing to get right and they did a really good job with it here.  It still had texture and the flavors blended together very well.  The chicken was tender and the sauce was good.  He even ended up with some leftovers.

    I ordered the pasta bolognese based on another review I had read.

    I swear there was a pound of pasta in this bowl.  I absolutely had leftovers.  The sauce was slow cooked and you could really taste the deep flavor of the wine that only comes from letting the sauce simmer for hours.    Really tasty.

    I also had to get a cannoli to go.

    It was pretty good.  One of the better ones I’ve had lately.  I think for to-go orders though, any toppings should be put in a separate container on the side, otherwise the shell gets soggy.  Honestly, it didn’t even need the chocolate sauce & chocolate chips.

    Overall, the food was really good.  We sat in the booth furthest to the back, so we heard & saw a lot of the service delays.  The were busy tonight and we could hear the upset customers waiting on late pizza deliveries as well as the wait staff going back & forth with the kitchen on orders.  We had both a waitress & waiter that tended to our table and they were really good, but where we were sitting, I felt a definite tension in the overall air.  It also didn’t help that the guy I’m assuming is the owner, sort of hung out at the back of the restaurant where we were and it felt awkward.  Total bill with a drink was $43.

    The Plum Tomato
    1988 Pinellas Ave S
    Tarpon Springs, FL
    (727) 944-3330

    The Plum Tomato on Urbanspoon