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I’m sure it’s wrong to choose a restaurant for dinner based on dessert, but sometimes you just gotta follow your sweet tooth.  Tonight, I was craving chocolate cake and I remembered the cake at Cody’s is fantastic. 

But, first, there’s the yeast rolls and salad.

Cody’s has some of the most delicious yeast rolls around.  You know they’re good when Loren eats more than one.  Spread on some of the cinnamon butter and they just melt in your mouth.  Loren said he thought the salad dressing was a little weak this time, but I thought it was ok.  I ordered the salad without onions, so that may have been the flavor he was missing.

For our entrees, Loren ordered their NY select special with a baked potato.

He said he was cooked just right and tasty.  He ended up taking half of it home for lunch tomorrow.  I ordered the chicken fried chicken with mashed potatoes.

One bite of the mashed potatoes and I asked our waiter if he could bring me a baked potato instead.  I just didn’t like them.  They were garlic mashed, but I wasn’t tasting garlic.  The white gravy on the chicken and potatoes was really peppery.  It overpowered everything.  The chicken needed to be a little more tender as well.

But, who are we kidding, we came here for the cake, which isn’t on the menu by the way.   I was about to be really sad when I didn’t see it on the menu, but Loren asked the waiter and he said they always have the chocolate cake and carrot cake, but for whatever reason, they’re not listed on the menu.  We got a slice to go.

Yeah, and when I say “slice”, I mean enough for 4 people to eat.  It’s huge, but incredibly moist and delicious.  Tasted wonderful sitting in front of the TV that night, plus there’s still some in the fridge.

Total bill was $38 and Loren had leftovers for lunch and I’ve got plenty of cake.

Cody’s Original Roadhouse
26210 US 19
Clearwater, FL
(727) 726-6800

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We hadn’t been to Molly Goodheads in Palm Harbor for quite a while, so we headed out there tonight.  They were busy, but we were able to get a table on the air conditioned patio without a wait. 

We started out with some He Crab soup and a salad.

This was some tasty soup.  Sadly one of our “spoons” was a small crab fork, but we played nice and shared.  The soup had a lot of crab in it and a very nice texture and flavor.  There was definitely some cheese in the soup as well.  As for the salad, the ranch dressing was really good. 

Loren ordered the mahi dinner with garlic mashed potatoes.

Two nice sized pieces of mahi mahi and some of the best mashed potatoes we’ve had in a long time.  I say “we” because I ate quite a bit of them.  I couldn’t help myself, they were that tasty. 

I ordered the fish tacos which came with rice and beans.

The dish came with three tacos, but I ate one and just ate the fish out of the other two.  Both the tacos and rice and beans were ok, but it’s probably not something I’d order again.

And when it comes to dessert, I have a hard time passing up anything called chocolate decadence.

This was one very fudgy cake.  It could have used some whipped cream on the side, but otherwise it was rich, thick, and decadently chocolate.

Total dinner ran us $40 and was one of the better dining experiences we’ve had recently.  The service and food were both good.

Molly Goodheads
400 Orange Street
Ozona, FL

Molly Goodheads Raw Bar on Urbanspoon

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  • We didn’t feel like driving too far for dinner tonight, so we headed over to Panos Kouzina.  On my quest to try new restaurants, we haven’t been back to our old favorites for a while.

    The food here is consistently good, they give you plenty of it, and their prices aren’t bad at all.  Both our entrees came with either soup or salad and some bread.  We both opted for salad tonight.

    My only complaint was that the salad had chopped onions on it.  I’m not a fan of raw onions on anything and it took a while to pick all these off the salad.  The ranch dressing was very thick, but tasty, and the bread was thick and warm.  I’d forgotten how good it was.

    Loren got the chicken souvlaki with a side of fries.  He said the chicken was very tender.  The tzatziki sauce here is really garlicy. 

    I ordered the chicken marsala with a side of fettucine alfredo.

    The marsala sauce here is very sweet.  Loren said it tasted like molasses, but I didn’t think it was that harsh of a flavor.  I enjoyed it.   The dish came with two good sized chicken breasts that were incredibly tender.  This is how chicken should be cooked.  The fettucine alfredo was thick and creamy with a nice flavor.  I had plenty of leftovers and yet, I still ordered dessert.

    How was I possibly going to pass up this chocolate lovin’ spoon cake?  The waitress described it as a “prison dessert” because you eat it huddled over with your arms around it ready to poke anyone with a fork who tries to get too close to it.  It was pretty darn good.  It had a thick, rich mousse and tender chocolate cake.  What’s not to like?

    Total dinner was $33 and I’ve got leftover chicken and even a little cake for tomorrow.

    Panos Kouzina
    3101 SR 580
    Safety Harbor, FL
    (727) 797–2667

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    We went to see the movie “Killers” this morning (not great), and decided to just drive up US 19 until we found a restaurant for lunch.  We didn’t have to drive far before we saw a sign for the Marathon Grille in Palm Harbor.

    The restaurant is at the end of a shopping plaza in the back away from the highway.  We never knew it was there and just drove around the parking lot until we found it. 

    Loren ordered the Panini Italiano with fries.

    He said it was like an Italian Cuban sandwich.  Good flavorful meats on a lightly pressed roll. 

    I ordered a gyro with potato salad.

    This was a really good gyro.  Very fresh and the tzatziki sauce was flavorful without being overwhelming.  Too many have so much garlic that it’s all you taste.  This sauce complemented the meat and didn’t steal the show.

    As for dessert, how could I pass up a chocolate mousse cake?

    This was yummy.  It was covered with a chocolate shell and inside were moist layers of cake and chocolate mousse.  Total lunch was $20 and it was way better than the movie.

    Marathon Grille
    33675 US Highway 19N
    Palm Harbor, FL

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  • We had front row tickets to the 7:30pm showing of Mary Poppins in Tampa tonight, so needed somewhere quick to stop for dinner.  Cody’s is on the way and they weren’t too busy for a Tuesday night.

    My favorite thing about Cody’s is the yeast rolls.

    Even when they’re not cooked perfectly (which they weren’t tonight), they’re still yummy.  The cinnamon butter is really what makes them awesome.  The salad is really good too.  You get a big bowl to share & they’ll bring you more if you want it.  Salad and rolls, that’s all I need.

    And yet, I still order an entree.  We were there early enough to order off of the early bird menu, so I got the steak chunks with a sweet potato.

    The steak was tender and served over grilled mushrooms and onions.  The only complaint I had is that it didn’t have much flavor.  The menu said the meat had been marinated, but it didn’t absorb any of the flavor of what it was marinated in.  The sweet potato wasn’t that great tonight even with gobs of cinnamon butter on it.

    Loren got their sirloin special with a loaded baked potato.

    He said it was adequate, nothing to write home about.  He said they normally make a smaller, thicker steak and he prefers that to what they served this time.

    Since we had some time to kill before the show, we ordered a piece of chocolate cake.  The waitress warned us that it was big.

    She wasn’t kidding.  It was easily enough for three people to share.  The cake was moist and the frosting was very thick and rich.  This was a very enjoyable dessert and we had leftovers.  It’s not often that we have leftover dessert.

    Total bill was $34 and we made it to our show on time.

    Cody’s Original Roadhouse
    11202 West Hillsborough Ave
    Tampa, FL

    Cody's Original Roadhouse on Urbanspoon

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