Went to lunch with one of my friends from work today.  Since she hadn’t been to Lonzalo’s yet, we headed over there for some Italian food.

I’d been here a few times since it changed over from Alberto’s.  Honestly, I never would have known anything had changed if it hadn’t been for the sign out front.  The food’s about the same. 

She opted for an eggplant parmesean sandwich and it was huge.  She ended up taking half of it home for dinner.

I ordered the chicken marsala over angel hair pasta.

It had a really nice flavor to it.  Plenty of chicken and mushrooms, but a little too much garlic.  Actually, it wasn’t that there was too much garlic, it’s that some of the pieces were too big.   Our waiter was definitely on top of things.  He checked up on us a few times and filled drinks.   This was a great lunch for $8.50.

Lonzalo’s of Oldsmar
3970 Tampa Road
Oldsmar, FL

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