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We normally eat lunch at Daddy’s Grill, but decided to try it for dinner tonight.  They were pretty busy, but we didn’t have to wait for a table.  Loren’s meal came with a salad & I got some clam chowder to start off with.


That clam chowder was really good.  It had lots of clams and potatoes plus a nice thick, creamy texture.  Loren thought we were going to share it, but I think I scarfed most of it.  Loren ordered off of the specials menu and got the chicken stuffed with veal, spinach and cheese.

He really liked it.  The chicken was very tender and the fillings and gravy just made it that much more scrumptious.  He’s not a big fan of carrots, but he said these were cooked very well.   I ordered a mushroom cheeseburger and macaroni salad.

I actually ended up bringing half of it home because I ate so much of the chowder.  It was a well cooked burger though.  Nice & juicy with just the right amount of seasoning.  Total bill with a drink was $27.

Daddy’s Grill
3682 Tampa Road
Oldsmar, FL
(813) 891-6556

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  • Back to Winter Park today to meet my sister & niece and that meant eating at Keke’s.  Usually we get breakfast, but we all went for lunch items today. My sister got the chicken sesame salad and my niece got a cheeseburger.

    They both liked their dishes, but the cheeseburger was really messy.  The burger didn’t quite fit the bun correctly and with everything on it, there were no amount of napkins that were going to help.  I got the Chicken Marsala Panini.

    It was also a bit on the messy side, but had a really good marsala flavor.  The chicken was tender and it had big pieces of portobello mushrooms in it.  I’d order it again.

    Service was just ok today.  They forgot one of the orders of sweet potato fries and took a while to bring the mustard my niece requested.  Total bill was $36 with a drink.

    Keke’s Breakfast Cafe
    345 West Fairbanks Ave
    Winter Park, FL

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    We were driving around looking for a place to eat lunch and when we saw all the cars in the parking lot of the Largo Family Restaurant, we decided to stop & try it.  Our first impression was that they really needed two people working the front of the house.  The cashier was also the host, so while he was taking people’s checks, he motioned us over to a dirty table & said someone would be with us soon.

    This is the type of restaurant that’s hard for me to review because the entire experience was relatively unremarkable.  We ordered a cheeseburger and a roast beef wrap.

    Both of them were fairly bland and generic.  Service was a bit slow, but otherwise ok.  It was just an experience that left no impression at all, even on the wallet.  Total bill with a drink was only $13.  I’m guessing the crowd is there because the prices are reasonable, but it’s not a restaurant that we’d make a special trip to go to.

    Largo Family Restaurant
    788 Missouri Ave N
    Largo, FL
    (727) 584-7330

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  • Our final day of vacation ended up being cold and rainy, so we took a drive into South Carolina and ate lunch at Sister’s Restaurant.  It’s a small little restaurant and bakery and it looked like a lot of the locals ate there for lunch.

    We started off with some chicken & rice soup.

    It had a wonderful homemade flavor and perfect on such a dreary day.  They have seven sandwiches on the menu named after the seven sisters who own the restaurant.   I thought it was funny when another table was ordering and the guy told the waitress that he didn’t like the sandwich named after her, but really liked the one named after one of her sisters.  I ordered the milder ham & cheese with a side of potato salad, but I don’t remember which sister it was named after.

    The ham was really salty and there was lots of it in the sandwich.  The potato salad had lots of flavor as well.  Loren ordered a cheeseburger and we actually ended up trading half of our sandwiches with each other because he really liked the ham & I prefered the burger.

    It was a tasty burger.  Just the way I like it, not too thick with mayo, lettuce & tomato.  This was the most inexpensive meal we ate on vacation at $16 and was also one of better ones.

    Sister’s Restaurant
    281 Stamp Creek Rd
    Salem, SC

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  • Ate dinner at Thirsty Marlin tonight.  There are so many things on their menu that sound good, it’s hard to choose sometimes.  We started off with a Rainbow Roll.

    I’ve found sushi to be hit or miss here.  The fish is usually good, but the rice isn’t always quite right.  Tonight’s rice was a bit too dense, but otherwise the roll was good.  Loren & I split a bowl of lobster bisque, though I really didn’t want to share.

    It had a wonderful creamy texture and amazing flavor.  I kept trying to pull the bowl closer to my end of the table.  Loren went for a lightly blackened mahi sandwich tonight.

    He said the fish was tasty.  You never quite know what you’re going to get when you say lightly blackened, but they did it pretty well.  I went for a mushroom swiss burger.

    I only managed to eat half of it.  It was cooked a nice medium and had good flavor to it, but between the soup and sushi, I was getting full… not to mention I had my eye on the fried cheesecake.

    I’m always intrigued by how different restaurants interpret a dish. I’ve had different versions of fried cheesecake and this one was pretty good.  It sits on a layer of Oreo cookie crumbs and the cheesecake is wrapped and deep fried, so you get a crunchy outer layer and creamy interior.  Just add chocolate sauce and whipped cream and you’ve got yourself a yummy little dessert.  Total bill with a drink was $44.

    Thirsty Marlin
    1023 Florida Ave
    Palm Harbor, FL

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