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We wandered around Park Ave in Winter Park for a while and then decided to get some dessert at the Briarpatch.  They were out of cheesecake and I wasn’t hungry enough to get one of their huge pieces of cake, so I went for a hot fudge brownie sundae and my sister settled on some key lime pie.

Mine looks yummier, doesn’t it?  She said the key lime pie was very good though.  Fresh and homemade, just like the brownie and ice cream in my sundae.  They make some really good desserts here.  Next time, I’m going to have to try some of that cake.

Total bill with a lemonade and some tea was $19.  Our waitress was also great.  Always had a smile on her face and she was very attentive.

Briarpatch Restaurant
252 N Park Ave
Winter Park, FL
(407) 628-8651

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Had lunch at MecaFresh today.  Got a soup and sandwich combo with the lobster bisque and the eggplant panini.

Good stuff all the way around.  The bisque is always yummy and the panini is crisp on the outside, tender on the inside and has good flavors.  I actually got my lunch for free since I had finally completed one of their coupon cards.  My friend Cathy & I decided to split a brownie because they looked so tempting on the counter.  Unfortunately, the first one we got was stale.  Be sure to check the brownies for softness before grabbing one.  The second one was much better.

3235 Tampa Road
Palm Harbor, FL

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Two for one fajitas on Sundays at Chico’s Wood Fired Grill on Linebaugh is a great deal.  Loren got the steak fajitas and I got the chicken.

There’s enough food for both of us to make 3 fajitas each plus a little extra left over.  Comes with all the fixin’s, lettuce, cheese, pico de gallo and sour cream.  Fresh and tasty, still steaming when it gets to your table.  You could hear the sizzling throughout the restaurant as almost every table had at least one pair of fajita pans heading their way.

And, as if we hadn’t eaten enough, Bubba’s brownie just sounded too good to pass up.

A warm fudgy brownie topped with vanilla bean ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate and caramel sauces.  Mmmm….  It was tasty.

Total dinner ran us $23. 

Chico’s Wood Fired Grill
12217 W Linebaugh Ave
Tampa, FL

Chicos Woodfired Grill on Urbanspoon


I did manage to leave work a little early so we could go see “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”.  What a fun little movie.  I really enjoyed it.  Nicholas Cage was quite the character.

For dinner, I decided on Outback Steakhouse.  The Palm Harbor location is always busy.  I definitely recommend calling ahead and getting your name on the waiting list.  We ended up waiting for about 20 minutes for a table.

Our waitress was really good.  She started us off with some of their fresh brown bread.

In fact, she even brought us a 2nd loaf without us even asking.  She was really good about filling drinks and clearing plates. 

We both got salads with ranch dressing. 

 The salad has lots of lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, cheese and croutons and their ranch dressing is one of my favorites.

Loren ordered the 6 oz sirloin with a baked potato.

The steak was cooked  a perfect medium and was very tender.  His only comment was on how bare the plate looked.  In most restaurants, there’s usually some sort of green flourish on the plate, not here, just meat and potatoes.

I ordered the Alice Springs Chicken.

This is one of my favorite meals here.  The honey mustard sauce is awesome.  The chicken is covered with mushrooms and cheese.  It also comes with bacon, but I order it without it, might as well save a few calories. 

We were both stuffed by this point, but I had to get a dessert to go for my birthday.

This is the to-go version of their Sweet Adventure Sampler Trio.  It had carrot cake, brownie, and cheesecake plus vanilla ice cream, raspberry sauce, chocolate fudge sauce, and whipped cream.  Some assembly required. 

We ate it later in the evening, but the only thing I liked was the cheesecake and the sauces.  I’m not a fan of carrot cake, but Loren is, so he was happy.  I was hoping to enjoy the brownie, but it was full of nuts and had a really hard texture.  Not my idea of an awesome brownie.  The raspberry and chocolate fudge sauces were really good though.  Next time, I’ll avoid the trio and just go for a slice of cheesecake.

Total birthday dinner was $40 and I probably consumed enough calories today to last me the rest of the week.

Outback Steakhouse
31988 US Hwy 19 N
Palm Harbor, FL

Outback Steakhouse on Urbanspoon


We had been to Walt’s Seasonal Cuisine in Dunedin a few years ago, and decided it was time to go back.  They were pretty busy tonight, but we were able to get a table without a wait.   Unfortunately, we sat next to a large party that was very loud, so we could barely hear each other. 

Loren started with a house salad and I got the seafood chowder.

The salad had nice fresh greens and a light dressing.  The chowder was tomato based with a lot of fish in it.  It had a really nice flavor.

We had to wait on the bread as it was still in the oven and trust me, our patience was rewarded.

Fresh, hot out of the oven, soft on the inside, crusty on the outside with sunflower seeds on top which added a unique flavor.

For his entree, Loren ordered the salmon special with black bean sauce and mashed red potatoes.

He really enjoyed the salmon.  The black bean sauce was tasty and the mashed potatoes were whipped just right. 

I ordered the lump crab cakes with key lime dijonaise sauce and mashed potatoes.

I’m really picky about crab cakes and these were great.  Not a lot of fillers, just a lot of crab.  They were seared nicely, so they had a nice crust, but tender in the middle.   The key lime sauce was awesome and I really liked the mashed potatoes.

We really should have stopped here, but it was hard to pass up a Ghiradelli chocolate brownie with strawberries and whipped cream.

It was really good.  The strawberries were fresh and sweet and the brownie had a nice texture and flavor.  A perfect ending to a wonderful meal.

Total bill was $60 and worth every penny.  While we were there, Walt stepped out from behind the grill and came and talked to the customers at every table.  That’s when you know you have a chef/owner that really gets what a successful restaurant should be like.  Good food, personalized service, and attention to details. 

Walts Seasonal Cuisine
1140 Main St
Dunedin, FL

Walt's Seasonal Cuisine on Urbanspoon

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