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We traveled north today since it was raining and ended up in Lincoln, ME for lunch at Gillmor’s. We munched on some sweet chili meatballs to start.

Sweet Chili Meatballs

These were pretty tasty.  They had a bit of spice to them and there were plenty for an appetizer for two.  Loren went for a bacon cheeseburger & I decided to try the haddock & clam combo plate.

Bacon Burger

Clams Haddock

He said the burger was cooked well and the bacon was just the way he liked it.  I liked the clams on my plate, but the haddock was a bit on the dry side.  We saw bread pudding on the dessert menu and had to try it.

Bread Pudding

We’re always surprised at how many different versions of bread pudding there are out there.  I didn’t particularly like this one.  It had coconut in it and a strong spice taste, I think it was clove.  Total bill with a drink was $44.

Gillmor’s Restaurant
236 W Broadway
Lincoln, ME

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  • Cuban Food

    We were down in Ruskin tonight and stopped at the Ybor Grille for dinner on the recommendation of a friend.  Loren started off with a salad and I devoured some bread.



    The bread came with an olive butter that Loren liked, but since I’m not an olive fan, I just stuck with the warm, crusty, tasty bread.  I went for a Cuban sandwich and fries.


    I liked the flavors in the sandwich and the bread was perfect, but would have preferred that it had been warmed all the way through.  The meats in the middle were still cold.  It was a huge sandwich and I ended up taking half of it home with me.  Loren tried the Lechon.


    The pork was very tender and tasty.  Normally, I don’t like onions on the rice and  beans, but these were sauteed and added a nice flavor to them.  We ended up taking half of this dish home too.  For dessert, we tried the bread pudding.


    Loren liked it more than I did.  It was served cold, which was off putting to me, and it had a dark, almost molasses flavor to it.  I just never knew there were so many variations to bread pudding.  It’s completely different everywhere we try it.  Overall though, it was a lot of tasty food for $28.

    Ybor Grille
    105 E Shell Point Rd
    Ruskin, FL

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  • The last time we were in North Carolina, we found the Cajun Connection Cafe and really loved the food, so planned to go back there this visit.  When we drove up, the restaurant name had changed to the Captain’s House.  We were all ready to go some where else, but decided to give it a try.  I’m glad we did because they still had the Cajun Connection menu.

    We just wanted a little bit of everything, so we ordered a salad, a cup of gumbo, a cup of red beans and rice, a cup of blue crab soup, and a bowl of ettouffe.






    It was supposed to be crawfish ettouffe, but they were out of crawfish, so they substituted shrimp instead.  The shrimp was cooked and seasoned well, but I would have preferred the crawfish.  My favorite dish was the blue crab soup.  It was creamy and had a nice crab flavor.  All of the other dishes were good though.  Nothing was killer spicy, but it was all flavorful.  And we couldn’t pass up the bread pudding.


    This was like a cinnamon roll bread pudding. Very addictive.  Lots of cinnamon flavor, plus the whisky cream sauce made for a perfect ending to a tasty meal.  Total bill with a drink was $28.

    Captain’s House
    1060 Highlands Rd
    Franklin, NC

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  • So Slow

    We were driving back from The Fringe in Orlando and stopped at Harry’s Seafood in Lakeland for dinner.  We were seated very quickly in the back of the restaurant and then the waiting began.  Once our server finally showed up, he was an extremely polite and friendly guy, but unfortunately that doesn’t make up for the continuous waiting and incorrect things that happened with our meal.  Our waiter brought out some bread.



    It was warm and crusty and the herbed butter was tasty.  Good thing we had it because the wait was pretty long for our entrees.  Loren ordered the redfish with a side of collards.




    He enjoyed them both.  The fish was cooked well and not overly spicy.  I ordered the crawfish etoufee.



    When the waiter took my order, he asked if I wanted green onions on it or not.  I said no, but when it arrived it was covered in them.  I sent it back and from what was returned back to me, I can only surmise that someone just took it back to the kitchen & picked them all off of the same dish.  It was a bit spicier than I remembered from the last time I had it here.  I ended up taking half of it home with me.  We decided to try the chocolate bread pudding for dessert.



    This was an unusual dish.  It was brownie-yet-bread like and went very well with the sauce and ice cream.  We both enjoyed it.  It wasn’t overly chocolatey, but interesting.  Here’s where the waiting started again.  We actually watched another table get seated and then walk out when no one ever came to take their order.  Loren’s drink order was wrong and the amount of time we spent just sitting there waiting was ridiculous.  I don’t know if they were short staffed or what, but they definitely needed better coverage in the back area where we were seated.  Total bill with a drink was $44.

    Harry’s Seafood Bar & Grill
    101 N Kentucky Ave
    Lakeland, FL
    (863) 686-2228

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    We checked out Blue Dog Po’ Boys in Clearwater today for lunch.  It’s not a very big place, but the New Orleans flavors definitely packed a punch.  We started off with some gumbo.

    Lots of deep, rich flavors and just enough spiciness to make it interesting. Loren kept pulling the bowl closer to his side of the table.  Since he wanted leftovers he ordered a whole muffaletta sandwich, the photo below is only half.

    The waitress wrapped the other half and even with only half on the plate, he only managed to eat a quarter of it.  It’s huge.  He really enjoyed it though.  Lots of meats and the olive spread was tasty.  I went for a oyster po’boy with a side of sweet potato fries.

    This was a pretty large sandwich too.  I ended up eating half and just eating the oysters out of the other half.  They were crunchy and tasty and the who dat sauce added some additional spice.  The sweet potato fries were crispy on the outside, soft in the middle and had a cinnamon sugar coating on them.  They could have been dessert.  But, alas, there was bread pudding for dessert.

    Yummy, yummy, yummy!  It had a really tasty sauce on it and a nice texture and flavor overall.  We’ll definitely be back to eat here again.  Total bill with two drinks was $37.

    Blue Dog Po’Boys
    25708 US 19 N
    Clearwater, FL
    (727) 797-0500

    Blue Dog Po' Boys on Urbanspoon