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We tried to eat lunch at Craft Street Kitchen today after going to a movie in Oldsmar, but they haven’t started opening for lunch yet.  Instead, we came back for dinner with some friends.  We got there around 6pm and the place was already crowded, but we were able to get a table without a wait.  They have both inside and outside seating and rearranged the space quite a bit from the restaurant it used to be.  It’s a bit on the loud side, but we didn’t have any trouble hearing each other across the table.

The menu had a lot of interesting choices and the waitress came by and explained her favorites (they’re to die for and simply amazing!) in vivid detail.  I’m not sure if she even took a breath while she recited almost the entire menu to us.  We skipped the appetizers tonight and went straight for the entrees.  Our friends ordered the Southwest flatbread and the Roma Chicken sandwich.



The flatbread was huge!  It had BBQ’d chicken, pepperjack cheese, avocado, corn relish, pico de gallo, black beans, cilantro and a chipolte crema on top.  It had a nice crispy crust and a mix of sweet and spicy that our friend really liked.  The chicken sandwich also went over very well.  It had mozzarella cheese, prosciutto, tomatoes, arugula and a basil mayo.  On our end of the table, we ordered the Angry Pig Sandwich with a side salad and the shrimp and grits.




The salad was supposed to come out first, but Loren only got a few bites in before the entrees arrived.  The ranch dressing was unusual.  I think it had dill in it or some other herb that made it unique.  The Angry Pig was mojo braised pork, apple slaw & fried pickles with an Angry Orchard BBQ sauce.  It was tasty.  It had a nice sweetness to it that I really liked.  The shrimp and grits were also good.  It had smokey cheddar grits with a very mild andouille sausage and shrimp swimming in a roasted poblano buerre blanc sauce.  The only think I didn’t really like were the herbs on top.  They really overpowered the other flavors.   We were all happy with our entrees and decided we’ll be back again.  We got some desserts to go, the peanut butter pie and the Founders raspberry chocolate cheesecake.



I wasn’t as impressed with the dessert as I was with the meal.  The cheesecake was not one of the ones on our waitress’s “to die for” list and I could understand why.  It was thick, but not at all creamy.  The chocolate flavor wasn’t rich enough and the whole thing was just kind of crumbly.  Not something I’d order again.  Our total came to $40, not sure what our friend’s total was, but probably pretty close since the prices are all very reasonable.  Overall though, we’ll be back and when they start opening for lunch it’ll be a perfect after movie place to eat.

Craft Street Kitchen and Drinks
3153 Curlew Rd
Oldsmar, FL

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Mainely Meat

We stopped at Mainely Meat for some BBQ.  We ordered a sampler and a pulled pork sandwich.

BBQ Sampler

Pulled Pork Sandwich

The ribs were very tender with a spicy rub on top.  The chicken and pulled pork were both cooked well and the sausage was a bit on the spicy side.  The sides, baked beans, potato salad, coleslaw, and cornbread, were all tasty as well. Total bill with a drink was $25.

Mainely Meat
15 Knox Rd
Bar Harbor, ME
(207) 288-9200

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    When we’re looking for a meal that will yield leftovers, there’s nothing better than the Boss Hog Special at Ozona Pig.


    It’s enough food for way more than 2 people.  Ribs, pulled pork, chicken & brisket, plus two sides and deviled eggs.  They do a really tasty job with their BBQ.  The ribs were smoky and tender.  None of those made it home.  The pulled pork was also very tender and we just kept nibbling until we forced ourselves to put the rest away.  If you want to taste a little bit of everything, this is the way to go.  Total bill with a drink was $31.

    The Ozona Pig
    311 Orange St
    Ozona, FL

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  • 12 Bones

    It was time for some BBQ so we headed over to 12 Bones in Asheville.  The line was out the door when we got there and still out the door after we were finished.  The place was packed, but the tables seemed to be turning over quickly.


    We were able to order and get a table and the food came out pretty quick.  We split 12 bones of the blueberry chipolte ribs with mac and cheese, collard greens, and a side of corn pudding.



    Those ribs were spicy!  You could absolutely taste the blueberry, which I thought would sweeten them up, but they tingled my taste buds.  The meat was smoky and tender.  Not quite fall off the bone, but very good.  The sides were all pretty tasty too.  It didn’t take long for our plate to look like this.


    I did feel very crowded and rushed while in there.  It felt chaotic and noisy and the tin plates they serve the ribs in don’t have a flat bottom, so it kept spinning while we tried to eat.  Overall, the food was good, but the atmosphere left me feeling anything but relaxed.  Total bill with a drink was $26.

    12 Bones
    5 Riverside Drive
    Asheville, NC

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    On our way back from Brooksville, we stopped at Hungry Harry’s BBQ in Land O’Lakes.  The dining room was full and it took our waitress a while to even acknowledge we were there.  We both ordered ribs, Loren the country style and me, the baby backs.




    For sides, we got potato salad, greens, cornbread pudding and mac & cheese.  My ribs were more tender than the country style ones, but not quite as fall off the bone as I would have liked.  They both had a good smoke flavor and the bbq on mine was tangy and sweet.  The sides were all ok.  Total bill with a drink was $33.

    Hungry Harry’s
    3116 Land O Lakes Blvd
    Land O Lakes , FL

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