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Where to eat on a Sunday morning in downtown Orlando?  Le Gourmet Break on S. Magnolia is where we ended up and it was delicious.   I was in Orlando to see a play with my sister & niece and from the moment we walked into Le Gourmet Break, we were hooked.  It was too early for dessert, but they had a display case of gorgeous looking pastries.  My niece went for the tuna panini, my sister got the Parisienne crepe and I went for an omelette croissant.

Everything was fresh and delicious.  The panini was tasty, the crepe had thinly sliced ham, turkey & swiss with a bechamel sauce & mushrooms and the cheese was perfectly ooey gooey, & melted.  The croissant was huge and I got it with ham, cheddar & mushrooms.  It was buttery and flaky and the eggs were cooked perfectly.    Total bill was about $30 and we’d definitely eat here again.

Le Gourmet Break
150 S. Magnolia Ave
Orlando, FL

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Crab Cakes

Another tasty lunch at Craft Street Kitchen.  We eat here almost every week and although their regular menu is good, it’s the monthly chef’s specials that make it that much more interesting.  Today I tried the crab cakes

Three crunchy, home made crab cakes on a bed of Asian slaw.  The crab cakes had a lot of flavor, a nice crunch, and a bit of spicy heat.  I could have definitely eaten more than 3 of them.  Loren went for the Yippee Hippy salad.

This is an interesting salad with chicken, apple, walnuts, dried cherries & goat cheese.  I kept stealing the cherries & goat cheese off his plate.  Good stuff.  Total bill with a drink was $31.

Craft Street Kitchen and Drinks
3153 Curlew Rd
Oldsmar, FL

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Cajun Deliciousness

There’s not much better than sitting out on the porch at the Cajun Cafe in Pinellas Park looking over the water and enjoying some delicious Cajun food.  Loren started off with a cup of gumbo and we munched on some fried okra while we waited for our entrees.

Lots of flavor, a bit of spice and a nice crunchy exterior on the okra.  So tasty.  We both got etouffee today, one with chicken & one with crawfish.

I love their etouffee sauce.  It’s rich and tomatoey with enough spice to make it interesting.  The crawfish are cooked perfectly and I can’t help but eat the whole thing.  We got a whiskey bread pudding to go because we were too full to eat it there.  Total bill with a drink was $51.

Cajun Cafe on the Bayou 
8101 Park Blvd
Pinellas Park, FL

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Coal Fired Pizza

I was craving pizza today so we decided to try Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza.  We sat outside, but soon regretted it when someone at another table started smoking.   Our pizzas seemed to be taking a long time and I noticed people who sat down after us were getting their food before ours.  The waitress came over and let us know that they had to remake our pizzas because they got a bit too well done.

We both got an individual lunch pizza.  Loren got one with onions, olives & mushrooms and I got the mini meatball & ricotta.

The lunch pizza is plenty big enough for one person and then some.  Both pizzas still had a bit of overly burnt around the edges and some of the meatballs on mine were too overdone to be eaten.  Neither of us was that impressed with the pizza.  Nothing really stood out about it.  It didn’t have a lot of seasoning or flavor.    I ordered the chocolate cake for dessert and the waitress said it was on the house because they had burnt our original pizzas.

This was one thick, rich chocolate cake.  The cake itself was a bit dry though.  It definitely needed something to cut the richness, either some ice cream or whipped cream.  The layer on chocolate on top was like a hot fudge sauce.  Total bill with a drink was $27 and I think we’ll continue our search for an awesome pizza place.

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza
2532 McMulen Booth Rd
Clearwater, FL
(727) 797-0929

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Greek Lunch

We went over to Famous Greek Salads on McMullen Booth Rd for lunch today.  It was a beautiful day & we sat outside.  Loren ordered the lunch Pick 2 with a Greek Salad and dolmades.

He was very pleased with the dolmades.  He said they weren’t just stuffed with rice, but had a flavorful beef filling as well.  The Greek salad had everything you could want in it with a tasty dressing.  I ordered a gyro with potato salad.

The gyro meat was cut thick and had a great flavor.  The pita was fresh and the tzatziki sauce was full of garlic, just like it should be.  Service was quick and friendly.  With a drink, the total was $19 and worth every penny.

Famous Greek Salads
2508 A McMullen Booth
Clearwater, FL
(727) 797-4998

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