We were out doing some shopping this afternoon and the Sunset Grill was close to where we were going.  This was our first time here and I’m pretty sure we were the youngest customers in there.  They definitely cater to the Top of the World crowd since that subdivision is right around the corner.

They have a big menu, plus daily specials.  Loren ordered a buffalo chicken sandwich with a side of their chicken rosalini soup.

The soup had a nice homemade flavor.  The noodles were soft and just the right size for scooping up with the spoon, plus it had big chunks of chicken and some carrots.

The buffalo chicken sandwich, though, did not impress.

Loren said the chicken was overcooked.  Like it had been cooked once, and then cooked again.  He only ate half of it.  He did like the pickle though.

I ordered a cheeseburger with a side of fries.

I ordered it medium, but it was pretty well done.  It tasted ok, but was kinda dry.  I liked the coleslaw and the fries were ok too.

When we first walked in the door, I saw the dessert display and knew I had to try the “Chocolate Confusion”.

It was pretty good.  It had a chocolate cookie base, a layer of fudge, a milk chocolate layer (actually, I’m not sure what the light color layer was, it really didn’t have any flavor, but it had a nice creamy texture), then a chocolate cake layer and a thick ganache frosting. 

Lunch was $21.  There wasn’t much about it that really impressed us.  I don’t know that we’ll be back anytime soon.

Sunset Grill
2328 Sunset Point Rd
Clearwater, FL

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