I had been to Lenoce’s in Oldsmar once before, but didn’t remember much about it. Loren and I headed over there for lunch today.

It’s a small, diner type restaurant with a bunch of skateboards on the wall.  I don’t know if they’re associated with Jeff Lenoce the skateboarder or just share the same name.

We both ordered cheeseburgers.

Loren ordered his with bacon and fries.  I got mine with onion rings.

Both burgers were pretty good.  They were thick burgers, cooked medium, and had a nice flavor to them.  Even the fries and onion rings were tasty.  They had a nice crunch.

Lunch was $18 since we substituted fries and onion rings for the chips or potato salad that came with the burgers.

Lenoce’s Neighborhood Restaurant
139491 Hillsborough Ave
Oldsmar, FL

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