We went out in the rain in search of lunch and ended up at Pickles Plus on McMullen Booth Rd.  Loren had been to the one in Clearwater before.  It was pretty crowded for a rainy Sunday at lunchtime.

Loren started off with some chicken soup.

It had a nice flavor to it and was very welcome on such a dreary day.  He ordered one of the specials for lunch, Jay’s Fried Chicken Salad.

It was a big salad.  Lots of lettuce, fried chicken, tomatoes, boiled egg, bacon, cheese, cucumber, and of course, a pickle.   He ran out of dressing before he ran out of salad.

I got a chicken salad sandwich with fries.

And of course, a pickle. The chicken salad was pretty bland.  The fries weren’t crispy enough either.  They were too soft, like they’d been taken out of the fryer and left to sit for a while. 

For $26, it seemed overpriced for what we got.  I’ve had better sandwiches elsewhere for less money.

Pickles Plus
2530 N McMullen Booth Rd
Clearwater, FL

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