We’d seen the signs for Pico Rojo when we ate at Kaiko and finally decided to try it.  Plus we had a $10 Restaurant.com coupon.

You can smell the charcoal rotisserie as you walk in the door.  The owner was really nice and explained the menu to us and how they prepare the food.  Everything sounded really good. 

We started off with a chicken empanada.

 I’ve eaten a lot of empanadas in my day, but none quite like this.  I can’t even begin to describe the amazing flavors in it.  One bite and I was ready to order a few more.  It had a nice crispy shell with a chicken and vegetable mixture, plus a slice of black olive, hard-boiled egg, and raisins.  It came with a jalapeno sauce, but honestly didn’t need any flavor enhancements. 

We opted for a whole chicken which came with 4 sides.  We got a side salad, coleslaw, black beans, and jasmine rice.

Everything was so fresh and tasty.  I was surprised they used jasmine rice (which is one of my favorites) and mixing it with the beans made for a wonderful flavor combination.  The cole slaw was fresh with a light dressing on it.  The chicken was incredibly tender with a nice mellow charcoal flavor.   The owner told us they had the charcoal rotisserie oven shipped all the way from South America.

This is definitely a restaurant we’ll go back to.  With the $10 off coupon, the total bill was $14 and we have plenty of leftover chicken for tomorrow.

Pico Rojo
2475 McMullen Booth Rd, Ste E
Clearwater, FL

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