Our travels took us over to Little Switzerland and the Switzerland Cafe for lunch.  It was really busy and we ended up waiting about 20 minutes for a table.  We started off with the cheese plate.


I had mixed feelings about this appetizer.  I ordered it because the menu said it had goat cheese on it, and there was none to be found on the plate.  That aside, the rest of the cheeses and bread and fruit were pretty tasty.  There was a gingered pear chutney that had a lot of cinnamon and clove in it.  The bread was crusty and very good.  For his entree, Loren ordered the French dip.


He really liked it.  Everything worked well together on the sandwich. The bread was fresh and crusty, the au jou had a nice flavor and the beef was tender.   Unfortunately, my pulled pork dish did not impress me.


There was something about this dish that I just didn’t like.  There was a spiciness to the pork that completely overwhelmed it.  The cole slaw needed more dressing on it and the beans were overly sweet.  I needed something to cleanse my tastebuds, so I had to order the chocolate cake.


This made up for the pulled pork.  It had a creamy mousse layer and other chocolatety textured layers within.  It had a deep, rich chocolate taste and we scarfed every last crumb.  Total bill with a drink was $40.

Switzerland Cafe
9440 Hwy 226A
Little Switzerland, NC

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