I’ve driven by Ellie’s Family Restaurant on Race Track Road a bunch of times and finally stopped in today for lunch.  

They were pretty busy and the service was really bad.   It took way too long for our waitress to come take our drink orders and give us menus and even longer to get our food ordered.  

My friend Cathy ordered their fish and fries special.

At first glance, we both thought it was a huge piece of fish, but when she cut into it, she realized it was mostly batter.  She ended up taking the majority of it off.

I ordered a cheeseburger and fries.

Nothing special about it.  It tasted like a generic meat patty thrown on the grill.  I think if they don’t ask you how you want it cooked, you’ve got to assume the worst.  The fries weren’t all that great either. 

It’s a good thing we didn’t need anything else from our waitress because when she brought the food, she also left the check and we never saw her again.  

The only thing the place had going for it was the prices.  My meal was $6, hers was $7. 

Ellie’s Family Restaurant
12008 Race Track Rd
Tampa, FL

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