Back up to Tarpon Springs today to have lunch at Johnny Grits.  The place was packed when we got there.  We made a conscious effort to try something different on the menu this time.  Loren got the roast beef sandwich with a side of fries.



Though the sandwich had good flavor, the roast beef wasn’t as tender as he’d have liked.  It was sliced thick, so even slicing it thinner may have helped.  I went for the chicken fried chicken with mashed potatoes and cole slaw and we shared a skillet of three cheese grits.




The chicken had a crunchy exterior and was tender and juicy in the middle.  The batter had a good flavor to it and fulfilled all my requirements for a yummy fried chicken dish.  The mashed potatoes were real, which is such a delight nowadays.  Too many restaurants use fake potatoes and the taste difference is enormous.  The grits were cheesy and perfectly cooked, though they did need a little extra salt.  It was a hearty down home kind of meal for $23.

Johnny Grits
857 E. Klosterman Rd
Tarpon Springs, FL

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