We thought we were going out for Thai food, but about halfway through the menu, we decided to order sushi instead.  What can I say, we love sushi.  We started off with some steamed dumplings and a salad.




I liked the dressing on the salad here.  It didn’t have that overwhelming ginger/sesame oil flavor that I don’t care for.  The steamed dumplings were tasty.  They had both pork and shrimp in them along with water chestnuts and mushrooms.  For the sushi, we ordered a Mexican roll, a Rainbow roll, a Tiger Eye roll and a Boston roll, plus some salmon.




All of the sushi was fresh and tasty.  There was a bit too much wasabi on the salmon that cleared my sinuses right up.  Loren liked the Boston roll.  It had spicy tuna, shrimp, avocado, cucumber and kimchee sauce.  The kimchee sauce is what brought the spiciness up to the next level.  The Tiger Eye roll was interesting.  It had salmon, squid, krab, and avocado, deep fried and covered in eel sauce.  I liked it.  Normally, Loren’s not a fan of eel sauce, but he thought it was good too.  Total bill with a drink was $53.

Thai Bay
1300 East Bay Dr, Ste O-P
Largo, FL

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