Tonight seemed like  a good night to head over to Ban Thai on McMullen Booth.  I couldn’t believe we hadn’t been there yet this year.  Seems like we were just there a few weeks ago, but the last time we were there was probably sometime in December. 

We like Ban Thai.  It’s a cozy little restaurant with a nice ambiance and decor.  Even the wait staff is dressed in shimmering gold gowns.  

Loren ordered his usual, ginger chicken

He said it was tasty.  Fresh veggies and lots of ginger, but a mild flavor.  He was happy.  For me, it’s all about the sushi.

Ban Thai is the first place I ever tried sushi.  I was completely against it,  the thought of raw fish just didn’t seem right to me at the time. But the first roll I had was a Tampa roll, so it had fried fish in it.  Now, here we are quite a few years later and whenever there’s sushi on the menu, I have to try it.

Tonight, I got another Tampa roll for old times sake, though they changed it from grouper to snapper.  It had a nice crunch to it.  Mexican rolls are still my favorite, so I had to get one of those.  Fried shrimp and avacado just have such a wonderful flavor/texture combination together. I also tried an Arizona roll which was yellow tail and cucumber.  It was ok, but the cucumber overwhelmed the tuna.  And just for fun a couple of pieces of salmon.  Loren got a spicy tuna garlic roll.  He said it had waves of flavor to it.  The tuna, the garlic, then a bit of heat at the end. 

We didn’t see too much of our waiter, but since the entire waitstaff looks out for the tables, it wasn’t much of an issue.  There was always someone checking to see if our drinks were full.  Total for dinner was $45.  Not too bad really for 4 maki rolls, 2 pieces of sushi, and an entree.

Ban Thai Restaurant
2519 McMullen Booth Road
Clearwater, FL

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