If you read this blog regularly, you know we’re incapable of ordering a little bit of sushi.  We tend to go overboard and I’ll admit, it’s always me that says, let’s order one more.  But, leftover sushi is good too.  😉  We went back to Mike’s Sushi tonight.




Let’s see, we got a Rainbow roll, a Mexican roll, Blue Moon roll, a scallop roll, a spicy tuna for Loren and a make your own with salmon, avocado and tuna.  The Blue Moon is a fried crab roll that’s really tasty.  There was something about the scallop roll that I didn’t like this time though, it had a strong vinegary flavor.  The waitress also forgot to bring it to the table, but I was sure we had ordered six rolls.  Overall, it was pretty good and we had some to eat the next day.  Loren also got a salad & a drink and the total bill ended up being $52.

Mike’s Sushi 
33855 Us-19 N
Palm Harbor, FL
(727) 410-3234

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