I attended a luncheon at Oystercatchers with a group of about 20 people.  The restaurant is very pretty, overlooking the bay, but the service was lacking and although the food was good, it seemed very overpriced for the quantity of food on each plate.

We started off with some calamari fries & crabcakes, though I forgot to take a photo.  Both were very tasty.  The calamari wasn’t cut in rings, but rather long, thick pieces.  It was tender and the breading was good.  The crab cakes had lots of crab in them.

For my entrée, I ordered the sautéed scallops and side salad.

I guess I was just a little surprised that there were only 3 scallops in the dish.  They were tender and sautéed nicely in garlic and butter; but for the price, the serving size seemed rather small.  They actually serve a single fried oyster with the dish, and I’d have been happy with a plate of those, though I didn’t see them on the menu.  I also ordered the Godiva Chocolate mousse for dessert.

When I think of mousse, I imagine a very light, fluffy chocolaty dish.  This was more like a piece of fudge.  It was thick and rich and yummy, but not exactly what I was expecting.

As for the service, I think a lot of us were unimpressed.  The wait staff for our table seemed very abrupt and unfriendly, even rude at times.  When our entrees came out, they placed the wrong plates in front of several people and one lady had to send hers back because her salmon was undercooked.  I believe every entree was $20+ each, so for those prices you expect better service.  Several people told me they’ve enjoyed the Sunday brunch here, but many of them said they wouldn’t come back for lunch.

2900 Bayport Dr
Tampa, FL

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