After another long day hiking, we ended up at Hell’s Backbone Grill in Boulder, UT for dinner.  It’s a cute little restaurant and we had high hopes for an amazing dinner.  Sadly, that didn’t happen.  We both ordered soup, Loren got the black bean and I got the corn chowder.

The thing they boast most about here are the fresh vegetables grown in their own garden.  I really enjoyed my corn chowder.  It was creamy and had a nice flavor to it.  Loren wasn’t quite as enthused about his.  He thought it tasted more like a chili.  The bread was very good and came with a basil butter.

The entrees took quite a while to come out of the kitchen.  We both ordered the specials of the night.  Loren got the prime rib and I got the filet.

Talk about appearances being deceiving.  As beautiful and appetizing as this plate looked, the prime rib was stone cold.   The vegetables were a mix of warm and cold and we’re still not sure if that was on purpose or not.  The carrots were so hard that we could barely cut them with a knife.

I ordered my filet medium, but it was closer to a medium rare.  The main issue I had with it though was the sauce that was on top of it.  It was horribly spicy.  Loren said it tasted like jalepeno, but I don’t what it was, I just had to cut off the top part and put it on Loren’s plate.  The mashed potatoes were supposed to be some sort of lemony potatoes, but I couldn’t taste even a hint of lemon in them.  Overall, it was just so disappointing and even more so when we got the $99 bill.

Hell’s Backbone Grill
N0 20 North Hwy 12
Boulder, UT

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