The Bed & Breakfast we’re staying at is in the middle of nowhere, so there aren’t many dining options.  It was getting late, so we stopped at the Thunderbird Restaurant for dinner.  It’s attached to a motel and has that diner type feel to it, though the prices were a bit higher than what I expected.

Both of our entrees came with soup or salad bar and bread.

We both went for the broccoli cream soup.  It was ok.   Loren ordered the country fried steak for his entree which came with mashed potatoes and veggies.

It also fell in the just ok category.  The veggies were waterlogged and inedible, but the steak was fairly tender.  I ordered the fried chicken.

The chicken had been fried way too long.  The crispy outer shell was too hard to even break through on some pieces, yet there were some pieces with a mushy, somewhat uncooked batter underneath the outer shell.   Not good eats.  But, even with the mediocre entrees we couldn’t pass up a piece of ho-made pie.

The story on the back of the menu said that there wasn’t enough room on the neon sign for the word “homemade”, so the owner told the sign maker to just make it “ho-made”.  The buttered rum sauce really made this pie yummy.  Total bill with a drink was $42.

Thunderbird Restaurant
Junction US 89 and Hwy 9 Box 5536
Mt Carmel, UT

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