Tonight’s dinner was at Sirio Ristorante with some co-workers.  This was probably the most upscale restaurant I ate at while in Vegas.  The food was excellent, but the prices were pretty outrageous.

We started off with an antipasti platter and some bread.

There were several different types of bread and they were all very good.  I didn’t eat much off of the antipasti platter.  I found the flavors on both the cheeses and meats to be too harsh for my tastes.  The guys at the table really enjoyed it though.

I ordered the Cappellacci, a cheese & spinach stuffed pasta.

It was very thick and dense, but overall had some good flavors.  Other dishes ordered around the table were the Lobster Risotto, a seafood pasta, and a pork three ways dish.

Everyone seemed very happy with their meals.  I tasted the lobster risotto and it was good, but had a really strong flavor to it.  I don’t think I’d have been able to eat an entire bowl of it.  I didn’t see the final total on the check, but it definitely wasn’t cheap.

Sirio Ristorante
3730 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV
(877) 230-2742

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