One of our favorite pizzas is the Grandma’s pizza at Corteos in Palm Harbor, so it’s doubly disappointing when it doesn’t turn out as well as we know it can.

We got it with mushrooms and meatballs.  Besides taking a really long time to come out of the kitchen, the pizza was so unevenly cooked.  The middle was really soggy, one side was crispy, and the other side not quite there.  Our waiter disappeared, so I think it was the manager that boxed up the leftovers.  She asked how it was and we said not as good as it should have been and she said, “Because it was soggy in the middle?  Sometimes the oil in the pan does that. “.   Obviously, she noticed it when she went to box the pizza, but you would think that if this has happened before, they’d find a way to fix it.  She did offer me a free cannoli though.

It was ok, but had a little too much cinnamon for my tastes.  Total bill with a drink was $21.

Corteo’s Pizza and Pasta
32922 US Hwy 19 N
Palm Harbor, FL

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