We were going to a play in Tampa today so we ate lunch at Oakley’s Grille.  It’s a little sandwich shop and I’m glad we got there when we did because the place filled up fast.  I went for a mushroom burger since they’re famous for their burgers.  Loren got the muffaleta sandwich.

He said it was good, but more like a Cuban sandwich.  He prefers the muffalettas at the Cleveland Street Café.  He said he would have liked some additional veggies on it, maybe some lettuce and tomato and would have preferred it not pressed.

My burger was really flavorful.  Cooked a perfect medium, juicy, and dripping cheese and mushrooms.  They actually put the mushrooms on top of the cheese.  I think I would have put them under the cheese to help seal them in.  We split an order of fries between us.  At first, I really liked them, but the more I ate, the more I realized just how salty they were.  The staff was very friendly, though with the open kitchen, I could see the cooks getting a little confused with some of the orders.  Overall, though a pretty tasty lunch for $20.

Oakley’s Grille
17631 Bruce B Downs Blvd
(813) 523-5075

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