We haven’t been going to Poblano’s as much lately because I’ve felt the quality of the food has gone down.  This used to be our go-to place for Mexican food.  Loren said he ate here with some friends a couple of weeks ago and that it had gotten better, so we headed over there tonight.  I started off with the beef & cheese dip.

It’s funny, normally I complain about things being too spicy, but this had to have been one of the mellowest cheese dips I’ve had here.  I liked it, but it had no spiciness whatsoever.  I’ve had it here before where the jalepeno flavor is over the top.  Guess it just depends on who’s in the kitchen.   I was in the mood for fajitas tonight; but unfortunately, this meal did little to satisfy the craving.

I’m a firm believer that fajitas should come to the table sizzling hot.  There should be steam rising from the plate.  These were lukewarm and overcooked.  The chicken was tough.  I admit, I can be overly critical when it comes to food, but when Loren took a bite and kept chewing and chewing and chewing, I knew I wasn’t overreacting.  I’ve never had any luck with the fajitas here, so I guess I should have learned my lesson by now.  Loren went for one of his favorites, the carnitas.

He enjoyed them.  He also mentioned that he thought the restaurant was doing a better job with the presentation of the food.  Basically, they’re not slopping the rice & beans together on the plate anymore.   The plates may look better; but unfortunately, if the food doesn’t taste better then it’s just window dressing.  Total bill was $31 and I’ve pretty much crossed this restaurant off my list.

Poblanos Mexican Grill
245 McMullen Booth Road
Clearwater, FL

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