We were looking for some place new to eat tonight and ended up at Big Fred’s Famous Roast Beef in Clearwater.  It’s a little hole in the wall, greasy spoon type sandwich shop with a lot of things on the menu to choose from.  I figured I’d try the roast beef, since that is the name of the place, and Loren went for the bacon cheeseburger.

The lady at the counter said the best way to have the roast beef was with bbq sauce, mayo & cheese, so I tried it that way.  It was really sloppy, but really tasty too.  The bbq sauce was a bit on the tangy side.  The roast beef was very tender.  Loren liked his burger.  It was also a bit on the sloppy side with all the condiments.  We also ordered a large order of onion rings.

There were way too many onion rings for us.  Next time we’ll be ordering the small order.  They were crispy and crunchy.   Next time we’re looking for a quick meal, this is one of the places we’ll go back to.  The only downside was that the restaurant was a bit on the warm side.  Their air conditioner wasn’t quite keeping up with the July heat.  Total bill with a bottle of water and a soda was $17.

Big Fred’s Famous Roast Beef
2169 N. Hercules
Clearwater, FL

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