Back to Winter Park today to meet my sister & niece and that meant eating at Keke’s.  Usually we get breakfast, but we all went for lunch items today. My sister got the chicken sesame salad and my niece got a cheeseburger.

They both liked their dishes, but the cheeseburger was really messy.  The burger didn’t quite fit the bun correctly and with everything on it, there were no amount of napkins that were going to help.  I got the Chicken Marsala Panini.

It was also a bit on the messy side, but had a really good marsala flavor.  The chicken was tender and it had big pieces of portobello mushrooms in it.  I’d order it again.

Service was just ok today.  They forgot one of the orders of sweet potato fries and took a while to bring the mustard my niece requested.  Total bill was $36 with a drink.

Keke’s Breakfast Cafe
345 West Fairbanks Ave
Winter Park, FL

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