We ate lunch at the Surf Shack in Westchase today.  It was too hot to sit outside on the patio and luckily they had the big doors closed and the air conditioning cranking inside.  They bring chips & salsa to the table and there’s something about the chips that I really like.  They’re almost Dorrito like.  I tried the Orange Chicken Bowl.

It was spicy and had quite a few things in it that I didn’t really care for.  The menu said it had “house veggies” in it.  Unfortunately, the term “house veggies” could mean anything and the ones in this dish weren’t ones that I liked.  The whole dish just fell flat for me.  It tasted more processed than fresh and the chicken wasn’t very tender.  Loren tried the hula pork burrito.

He didn’t care for it much.  The pork had very little flavor and the pineapples in it added both a texture and flavor that didn’t work well together.  I thought the whole thing tasted sort of watery.  There just weren’t any prominent flavors and he ended up putting some salsa on it just to give it some taste.  Neither of us would order these dishes again.   Total bill with a drink was $20.

Surf Shack Coastal Kitchen
12217 West Linebaugh Ave
Tampa, FL
(813) 475-5916

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