From the moment we walked into the Thirsty Marlin, the overwhelming smell of bleach was in the air.  It was not a pleasant, clean smell; it was a hit you in the face chemical smell that burned your nose and ended up giving me a headache.  It was awful.  We should have just turned around and left because the food didn’t make the experience much better.

We started off with some onion rings.

They had a good crunch, but were overly salty.  Loren tried the tuna salad.

He liked it. The tuna was fresh and he enjoyed the wasabi dressing.  I tried the lobster quesadilla and it was not good.

I didn’t like the tortilla, the texture was off.  I ended up just opening it up & eating the pieces of lobster inside but the lobster tasted like imitation crab with some spices on it and the cheese just overpowered everything.  Definitely not something I’d order again.  If we go back and the chemical smell is still there, we won’t stay next time.  Total bill with a drink was $35.

Thirsty Marlin
1023 Florida Ave
Palm Harbor, FL

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