So, did you know that April 27th is National Prime Rib Day?  Prom was also going on tonight, so we needed to find a place that the kids weren’t going to be, so we settled on Cody’s out on Hillsborough.  I have a love/hate relationship with Cody’s.  Love the rolls & salad, but the entrees don’t always live up to expectations.

They were pretty busy tonight and it took our waiter quite a while and two tries to get us a salad without onions and some rolls.

The rolls were fresh and so good that we had to order a second basket.  Like I said, this is the best part of the meal to me.  Loren, being in the holiday spirit, decided to try the prime rib.

He said it was pretty tender and he enjoyed it.  Surprisingly, he actually ate the whole thing.  I ordered the half rack of baby back ribs.

Some of the ribs were tender, some parts were not.  They definitely don’t have the smoked taste and flavor you get from an actual BBQ joint.  I’m still working my way through the menu.  Eventually, I’ll find something I like.  Total bill with a drink was $33.

Cody’s Original Roadhouse
11202 West Hillsborough Ave
Tampa, FL

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