We were actually heading to Nauti-Nancy’s for lunch, but they still weren’t open at 12:30pm, so we headed into Clearwater and ended up at Angie’s Restaurant.  It’s a little diner and had a pretty good lunch crowd today.

I was going to get their lasagne special, but they were already out of it.  Must not have been a very big batch to be out of it by 12:30pm.  Instead I went for a gyro platter.

My first thought was that there was very little gyro meat on the plate, but with the Greek salad, fries & pita, there was more than enough food on the plate.  The gyro was tasty and I enjoyed the dressing on the salad as well as the tzatziki sauce.  Loren went for a chicken pita with a regular salad.

He also had plenty of food on his plate and it was amusing watching him try to pick this up to eat it.  He said the chicken was tender.  Total bill with a drink was $18.

Angie’s Restaurant
725 Cleveland St
Clearwater, FL

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