We ate at the Lazy Maguro Sushi Restaurant tonight in Palm Harbor.  It used to be Wasabi and our memory of that restaurant was the overwhelming chemical smell when we walked in.  The restaurant may have changed name & owners, but the smell is still there.  It’s right next to a pool supply store and from the moment you walk in, that’s all you smell.  I had a headache and my nose was burning by the time we left the restaurant.  Really, really unpleasant.

As for the food, it was just ok.  We started off with some Asian pork dumplings.

This was the best thing we ate here.  They were very flavorful and cooked perfectly.  I’d order these again… as take out… if I didn’t have to go inside to pay & pick them up.  Loren ordered a salad, but there’s no photo because the waitress never brought it out.

As for the sushi, we actually ordered a reasonable amount tonight.  Mostly because I wanted to get out of there quickly and not too many of their rolls sparked our interest.  We ended up with a KC Salmon Roll, a Buccaneer Roll, a Spicy Tuna Roll and a Salmon Lover’s Roll.

The rolls were just ok.  They had way too much green onion in them for me and for some reason I ordered two rolls that have cream cheese in them and that just overwhelms the flavor of the fish.  Total bill with a drink was $41.  The food could have been amazing, but you still couldn’t drag me back in here under any circumstances.  The chemical smell is just that overwhelming.

Lazy Maguro
36221 East Lake Road
Palm Harbor, FL

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